Pre exam day.

Saturday, August 24, 2013


I didn't manage to blog yesterday cox I went out with my cousin till like 10+ cox we stood at the Sanrio shop for the longest time (Around 1h+) to pick the things we want LOL. I'll try to blog for the next two days so kajima~ (which means don't leave!)

This blog post is like super overdue cox all the pictures are taken before my exam started. Went to National library to study for our exams with my cousin since we both can't concentrate at home.

Bought I love Taimei for lunch before we head over!

We just sat down outside national library at the open area and ate there like some hobo lol. But who cares lor it's sheltered and pretty windy, why not right!

Kind of forgot what I ordered but it's some teriyaki chicken I guess!

You can see how lame I'm if you can read what I wrote in my notes, like the 艾青 I translated it to 'love green' for easier memory work lol. BUT APPARENTLY THIS PAGE NO COME OUT FOR EXAMS.

Headed over to 18 chefs after that for dinner!

My baked rice!

I was waiting for my cousin to finish her food cox she was a slow eater and then SUDDENLY SOMEONE OUT OF NOWHERE APPROACHED ME AND ASKED ME FOR MY NUMBER. I actually thought he wanted to ask me do some survey and I asked him "you need my number for?" Then he said "oh no ah let's be friend!" and my reaction was "wtf you siao ah?!"

I didn't know how to reject him cox it's really hard for me to reject people ftf so I looked at my cousin with the "HELLO CAN YOU LIKE HELP ME HERE PLEASE" *sos eyes* then she literally ignored me can! Continue to eat her baked rice and laugh -_____-

But eventually I rejected him lah cox I couldn't give him like fake number what, later he dial on the spot then my phone never ring I die. Then I also cannot give him what, later he harass me the whole day how, I die also. So either way also die so I just reject lor. Maybe if he looks like show luo then I will give HAHAHAHAHA okay just kidding!

But I really don't understand why would he come and ask for my number lor. Like I'm in my most unglamorous state eating my baked rice, trying to pull the strain off cheese off the bowl and get them into my mouth lol. But at the same time can be some dare game lah, but quite ridiculous ah, playing dare in a shopping mall LOL.

Nahhhh my cousin act yi ge camera shy lolol!

Ending the post with my famous amos cookies! :D

Will update again tomorrow, see you guys soon!

How to make waffles! [CHEAT]

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Omg I'm super happy nao cox I finished my exams already! Although I kind of screwed up the paper lah but who cares it's over. Just hope there's moderation so that I won't need to repeat that module next year lol. So yes I'm like super free now for this week so here's an new entry!

Was craving for waffles for breakfast a few days back but I always couldn't wake up in time for KFC/Mac breakfast on a non-schooling days, so I decided to make my own:

Looks not bad right!

It's super easy to make cox I cheat one! So if you are looking for the recipe to make raw waffle batter ah, I'm so sorry to disappoint you :x

Firstly you will need:


Since I don't have waffle machine at home, I bought the ready made ones from NTUC for $6+ if I didn't remember wrongly! There's 10 pieces inside so can last you for around 3-4 days I guess. I think you can get it from most of the supermarket stores lah hahaha. I'm using the Aunt Jemima waffles (the one shown above), doesn't taste exactly good on it's own though, too bland. Taste good with maple syrup though! 

So you just put the frozen waffles into the oven for 6-8 minutes and wait for it to turn golden brown.


You can practically add whatever you want! Strawberries, nutella, peanut butter, ice cream or if you like the traditional waffles like me you can just put butter + maple syrup ^.^


What's breakfast without scrambled eggs!

Actually you can just cook normal scrambled eggs and add to your waffles but just in case you don't know how here you go:

1.) Beat the eggs
2. Add a few teaspoon of milk (For me I added around 2 spoons depending on your preference!)
3. Add soy sauce (depending on how much flavor you want, DON'T ADD TOO MUCH IF NOT IT WILL BE SUPER DUPER SALTY!!!)
4. Mix well and pour the eggs into the pan and cook.
5. Add pepper if you like!

The thing I like about scrambled eggs is that I no need to make it look nice since it's going to be scrambled anyways HAHAHA. 

If it's not filling enough for you can always add other stuff like sausages to make it more filling! Serve it with milk/orange juice and tada atas breakfast at home! :D

Will blog again tomorrow! See you guys soon!

How can you resist food.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Hello hello everybody! How's your day? :D

I'm currently having my study break now (which is meant for me to study for exams) but I self declared it as my 'holidays' cox I didn't study :x Okay lah I did but the ratio of me studying to the time spent pigging out is 1:9 LOL. I've no idea why I've been feeling super sleepy nowadays although I slept for a really long time. Like I can sleep for 12 hours, wake up for lunch and go back to sleep for another 5 hours.

Going to have my exams in 4 days and I'm super NOT prepared I can say lol. I've no idea how students from other courses cope one, I only have 1 paper and I'm complaining like there's no tomorrow lor. Partially cox this module is my most hated module & I DON'T GET WHY DOES THIS MODULE HAVE EXAMS. Not like I'm going to meet 李白 in the media industry right *roll eyes*

Went to Sakura for lunch with Mummy last week and it was super sinful cox I ate around 10 pieces of cakes. SUPER FATTENING I KNOW! But I stood infront of the cakes contemplating if I should take more or not and eventually I gave it cox I cannot resist them oooops.

You tell me lah can resist not!!
I super duper love the cheesecakes!! (The normal one and the oreo one!)  Not too sweet I like! :D

Another shot to show off my cakes!
And you can see at the back is the crazy amount of prawns I've eaten all by myself. I know I know, fats right lol.

Woke up early today for my job interview and I'm super happy that I've gotten the job!! Not going to reveal where is my workplace yet but it's somewhere in the east & it's a F&B related shop! I've always wanted to work at some icecream/pancakes/waffle shop cox I super love to eat lol. So you can guess what food they sell here ah hahaha! The working hours are rather long and I hope I'll be able to cope with it :/ And I'll be working throughout my holidays which means I wouldn't have time to blog :( But I will try to blog as much as possible throughout the holidays ok! Must continue checking back hor !!

Anyways here's a sneak peak to where I'll be working at: 

Fluffy fluffy sheeps mehmehmeh.

Went to Starbucks to study after that with my cousin and we can declare it a fail cox we spent almost an hour talking crap and laughing :x But heyyyyy I did manage to study ABIT okay lolol.

Purposely editted this photo liddis to have the tumblr-ish effect.
Got feel not?

Went to have Thai food with my family after that! 
There is this super duper yummy Thai food stall near my house call the Nakhon Kitchen ! THEIR THAI FOOD IS REALLY THUMB UP ONE !! MUST GO AND TRY. The price is quite reasonable also, and if you are a fan of spicy food you should try their tom yam soup!

Pineapple rice!
This one is my ultimate favourite! Go there everytime must order this one.

The honey chicken at the back also very nice!!

Thai style kway teow!
This one also not bad but I still prefer my pineapple rice over this. Talking about this ah, you see the chilli flakes at the back? IT'S SUPER DUPER MEGA SPICY. I accidentally ate it right and I gulp down my whole cup of water immediately. The kway teow comes with sugar at the side also lol.

The sweet tapioca with coconut milk also very yummy!
But the tapioca today abit hard ah so not really very nice :x The other time my friend ordered it it was much softer, easier to chew!

Okay that's about it! I guess I won't be blogging until my exam end so see you guys till then! 

Paw paw day: Bear Bites 熊の食

Saturday, August 10, 2013


Really really sleepy right now cox I'm out the whole day and I'm aching all over. I guess I'm not that young anymore LOL. Went gymming with JV and we headed off to Somerset for lunch! (This post was done yesterday night therefore explaining the really sleepy part LOL)

The other time I walked past SCAPE I saw this very interesting "cafe" but I didn't went in and eat cox I just finished my dinner :x I finally managed to try their food today!

The shop front!

It's located just infront of SCAPE underground so it's really easy to spot. It's an open air cafe meaning there's no aircon lah (duhhhh!) so at first I thought it will be really hot and sunny but it was pretty alright to my surprise.

You must be wondering what's so special about this "cafe" right!


Buns printed with paws! Super cute right! There are six flavors for you to choose from and I wanted to get the strawberry one but it's seasonal :( So I picked the milk one and JV picked the yam one.

You can get to pick between chicken and fish for your fillings and I picked the chicken one cox I'm not  fan of fish LOL. Then you top it off with your favourite sauce!

We ordered the set (Inclusive of fries + drinks) and for the chicken set it's $7.80 while the fish one is $8.80. 

I added cheese to both my fries (Add $1 but you can add it for free if you like their facebook page for the first time) + bun cox I'm a super "cheesy' person. (Pun intended here)

My paw paw bun!

Happy JV with her food! :D

Ending off with a random shot of the deco on the table:

Here's the address of Bear Bites 熊の食 if you would to give it a try! : 
Scape, 2 Orchard Link #02-42, 
Somerset Singapore 237978 

Opening Hours: 10:30am – 10:30pm

See you guys soon!
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