Curel Sebum Care Series

Sunday, June 29, 2014


what is Sebum ?

Sebum is an oily substance secreted by the sebaceous glands in mammalian skin. It helps to prevent our hair and skin from drying out. However, An excess of sebum can make our skin or hair oily. NOT ONLY THAT, it can also aggravate skin sensitivity.

Excess sebum generated will deteriorate as skin gets more alkaline, turning into irritants to cause flare-ups within the skin layers -- In other words, all the pimples and acnes will starting haunting you!!!

I'm sure most of us girls have oily/combination skin since we are living in Singapore where the weather is super duper warm. Hazy, hot and humid weather would leads to an increase in oil production, which explains why my face is so oily :(

I tried lots of oil control products before but they don't seems to work so I'm sticking to oil blotting papers to control the shine on my face. I think if I don't blot the oil away hor, you can fry an egg on my face without it sticking to the 'pan' (my face) lolol.

I was really like "死了need to rely on oil blotting papers for my whole life already T____T" but I was given the Curel Sebum Care series to try out!

From left to right: Sebum Care Moisture Gel, Sebum Care Lotion, Sebum Care Foaming Wash.

This series is specially designed for Asian skin which are usually oily and sensitive.
So basicially this series has two uses:

1. Strengthen skin barrier function to protect skin against external irritants
Protects and replenishes ceramide, an essential component of skin, for a more resilient barrier (To prevent all the acnes from popping up!!)

2. Oil and acne control
Helps to regulate sebum secretion at the source 

Let's start with the Sebum Care Foaming Wash!

Super duper fine foam !!!!
The Foaming Wash effectively removes excess sebum without irritating the skin as the lathered foam cushions against rubbing and tugging on the skin during cleansing.

I mega love foam washes because you no need to rub your hands together to product foams before you wash your face and when you rub the foam against your face you can actually feel how fine the foam is. And all is need is just 2 pumps to make your face squeaky clean!!

So after washing your face,
Let's proceed on to the Curel Sebum Care Lotion!

You know how some lotion leave you with super sticky texture on your face even when you haven't even apply your moisturizer? It's super yucky one, who will like their face niam niam (sticky) one right?! 

Totally loving how this lotion is super lightweight on skin and no sticky feeling AT ALL. I'm like woah the lotion absorb super duper fast  O______O 

Let's move on to moisturizing our skin with the Curel Sebum Care Moisturizing Lotion!

I usually don't use moisturizer cox after using them for awhile I realize they made my skin more oily. I think I used the wrong series that's why LOL. I decided to give this one a shot cox there's no harm trying right hahaha AND OH MY GOSH THIS ONE LIKE MAGIC SERIOUSLY. No stickiness, super velvety skin :OOOOOOOOOO 

 And this is not the cream kind of moisturizer but the gel kind and gel kind is especially good for people with oily skin as they are less oily compared to those cream kind of moisturizer. 

Currently the Curel Sebum Care series is my favorite range and I'm using it now :D If you have oily skin like me I will highly recommend you to buy this series!
You can buy them at selected Guardian & Watsons store, pricing as below:

1. Curel Sebum Care Foaming Wash $19.80/150ml
2. Curel Sebum Care Lotion $24.90/150ml
3. Curel Sebum Care Moisture Gel $34.90/120ml

And if you wanna try out the products before buying, you just need to visit Curel Facebook's page here to get your free samples!

日本の旅 ♡ JAPAN TRIP (Part 4)

Friday, June 20, 2014

Finally have some free time to blog about Part 4 of my japan trip! 

I seriously hope I will be able to complete the post for my whole trip before I head off for Hong Kong in around 2 weeks time. 

But no worries I will try my best to update my blog over at Hong Kong because I'll be bringing my laptop over! Just gonna pray hard that I have time lol. 

So in Part 4 I'm gonna bring you guys to Akihabara !

OOTD for that day.
I really is 爱美不要命 one, the weather was at freaking 10 degrees and it was raining so it was totally like 3 degrees and look at how short my skirt was lol. BUT I INSIST COX I WANTED TO LOOK JAPPY.

Cold until nose turn red lol.


I didn't take alot of photos here because I'm not very interested in animes and mangas :x
At first I thought it will be a very sian trip for me cox my friends are all very into all this anime thing but I had a good time with the kiap kiap machines at the arcade hahaha.

Me wrapped like a Bazhang in one of the anime shop.

Super cute food at the maid cafe.
Wanted to give it a shot but Sinyee said it was too overrated cox it's quite pricey + you won't understand what the girls are chanting to you so it's abit pointless lah.

They have quite a number of arcades there and their arcades have like 4-5 levels, so each level have different type of games. I ALWAYS ONLY AIM FOR ONE LEVEL...

Super love their machines cox it's super pretty and super cheap! Like only $5 ?!

So moving on to the next day where we head to Ikebukuro!

Pullover was priced at 3000+yen but was on sale so I just took it immediately and pay cox it was half price lolol. KIASU I KNOW BUT WHATEVER HAHAHA.

Melody berry swiss roll cake + berry drink, BOTH FROM THE FREAKING CONVENIENCE STORE.

Happy girls with yummy drink lol.

We saw this Sakura look-alike tree outside the station the moment we alight, so the first thing we do?

Take photo.


Then #letustakeaselfie lolol

Went to queue for some Ramen for 30-45mins for our lunch and I was like sian what's with the craze about this ramen, very nice meh ?!

It's like the best ramen I've ever had in my whole entire life. /cries/

Walk past this Takoyaki shop and they sell  GIANT TAKOYAKI BALLS IN SO MANY DIFFERENT FLAVORS.

You all must be like "siao liao so many yummy food go Japan sure fat come back." but surprisingly I didn't gain any weight cox the amount of walking to do is super crazy, so at the end of the day you sure burn all the calories you consumed hahaha. SO JUST EAT ALL THE FOOD !!!!

And if you guys did not know, Takeshita street located at Harajuku has lots of crepe store and our place was near that area so we keep on having crepes! I only had it once though :x

Cute shop banner +1

Cute wrapper +2

Yummy crepes +3

Conclusion: I LOVE JAPAN x10000000 LOL

Gonna continue in the next part cox this post is getting too long! See you guys <3

Cafe Hopping: The Coffee Daily

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

So which cafe did I head to in this post ?!

It's The Coffee Daily!

Not gonna be long winded, so here are the food we ordered!
If you realized, for most of the cafes I visited, I only ordered coffees and cakes because I always felt that cafes' main dishes are always pretty much overcharged for some scrambled eggs, bacons and mushrooms :x

Introducing the very popular somewhere over the rainbow cake!

Somewhere over the rainbow cake ($10)
Super pretty rainbow colors but I was quite taken back at the price of the cake because the one I had at teadot cafe was only $7.50/$8.50 I can't really remember and the one at teadot was also much yummier.

The one at teadot was super worth the price cox there's generous amount of thick chocolate cream between the layers. MEGA LOVE.

The cake was also quite hard compared to the one at teadot. The sweetness was just nice though!
So in conclusion, I will say that this cake is purely for instagram purpose only lol. 

Carrot cake ($6.50)
This was way too sweet for my liking but if you have a sweet tooth you will probably like this. 

Tiramisu Latte ($5.50)
I've never heard of Tiramisu latte before so I decided to give it a try and it was pretty good!! There was a slight tint of tiramisu on your first sip and after that it tasted like normal latte, quite unique! 

One thing special about The Coffee Daily is that they provide a self service table where customers can take FREE old school snacks like icing gems and letters biscuits! Super love cox it's super hard to find places like this in Singapore where they charge you $0.30 for a cup of plain water FROM THE TAP -_____-

 Ambience: 4.5/5 
Pricing: 3.5/5 
Location: 2.5/5 
Food: 3/5 
Overall: 3.5/5

Although the food is not as amazing, but I like the cafe for it's friendly environment and they have Wifi for people who wanna do their schoolwork/projects so it's another bonus! 

The Coffee Daily is located at:
75 Brighton Crescent, 559216

It would be a little hard to find if you don't drive but you can alight at Serangoon MRT station and take bus 317 from Serangoon Interchange and alight 6 stops later. You need to walk in a little and you will find the cafe :)

Cafe Hopping: Griddy Gourmet Waffles

Monday, June 9, 2014

Another cafe hopping post because I've been visiting quite a number of cafes lately! so sorry if I make you guys hungry :P

So this time round, I headed to Griddy Gourmet Waffles because it's near my school! Another reason is also because I love waffles alot la hahahaha. My sister is not a big fan of them - roll eyes- I don't understand how can she not like waffles and cakes lor, they are like my life lol. 

The Menu!

Onion Rings ($4.50)

I SUPER REGRET ORDERING THIS cox it turned out totally different from the menu (see above). I thought will have some special seasoning like the one in the menu, ended up don't have still nvm. The portion also quite little hor? lol.


S'mores Waffles ($7.50)
I thought the waffles will be like chocolate flavored or something but apparently it's just the normal waffles :x And I'm not a fan of marshmallows so my sister ate this one.

Strawberry Cheesecake Waffles ($7.50)
SUPER MEGA LOVE COX IT'S STRAWBERRY & CHEESE. Perfect combi with the gelato!

 Ambience: 3/5 
Pricing: 2.5/5 
Location: 4/5 
Food: 3.5/5 
Overall: 3/5

I gave the pricing a 2.5 because there was service charge when the only service I got was them serving the waffles to me. So I felt abit 不甘願 to pay the service charge lolol. Location a 4 cox it's super easy to find! Just directly outside the supermarket :) 

I gave it a 3 for the overall because the waiting time was around 15-20 minutes when it's not very crowded, so I expect a good 30 minutes wait if you go on a weekends. 

Griddy Gourmet Waffles is located at:

3 Gateway Drive, 
#B2-K12 Westgate, 
Singapore 608532

Cafe hopping : Veganburg

Monday, June 2, 2014

You know how everyone think that fast food is junk food ?

I super love cafes (despite them burning a huge holes in my pocket) and I was googling for cafes for me to do cafe hopping and I came by Veganburg

They sell burgers, obviously LOL.
But ORGANIC burgers ?!

I'm not a huge fan of healthy food because they usually taste damn bad but I see pretty good reviews on it so I decided to give it a shot! Headed down to the Eunos Branch because it's much nearer to my house.

hen excited de wo men HAHAHAHA

I was rushing out of my house for project meeting in school and I forgot to bring my camera :x So pardon the photo quality ok! 

It was pretty empty AND THAT'S A VERY GOOD THING cox I hate crowds the most. I mean who will like to eat at a place filled with sooooo many people right! 

While waiting for our food to come!!

I ordered the Cracked pepper Mayo burger With seaweed fries and some Mango drink which I like it alot!! AND THE KEYWORD IS "Contains Omega 3 & 6, Zinc"  Sorry I'm a sucker at this kind of thing but I believe those are good for our body although I don't know what exactly do they help in lolol.

And since it's VEGANburger right, obviously it's vegeterian lah !! But their "patty" really taste like real meat leh !! Hen hao chi :D

YAY MY FOOD IS HERE. (And omg the photo quality is so bad I wanna cry)
And they serve the food in mass tins if you realized hahaha. SUPER CUTE!

Looks quite true to the picture hor? hahahaha.

 Ambience: 4/5 
Pricing: 3/5 
Location: 3/5 
Food: 4/5 

A very good place to take your OOTD too !

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