The Tiramisu Hero Review

Monday, February 16, 2015

This post is wayyyyyyy overdue because I was extremely busy with my final report and pineapple tarts sales for the coming new year. I FINALLY COMPLETED MY POLY EDUCATION and I can't wait for my convocation in May omg lol. I will try to update more on this space ok!!!

Randomly told bf that I wanted to visit The Tiramisu Hero the other day and surprisingly, he told he it's near his house so he brought me down to the cafe! We wore until quite lapsup there cox it was an impromptu trip lol! I was in my specs somemore so don't expect any selfies of me in this post hahahahaah.

Since it's an impromptu trip, I didn't brought my camera along so photos are all from my Iphone.

Super love the interior design (& exterior)! Cute and cosy I loveeeee.

Coffee beans, pinecones and flowers for sale!

Localize shirts for sale. I want the knnnbccb one lol!

Love the menu because the whole menu is in doodle form! So cute one!!

We had some food before we came so we didn't manage to try the mains, so we had some appetizers and of course, tiramisu DUH.

Wanted to get the oreo one but the staff said it was too frozen so she recommended us to change order :( So we got the Milo one instead! But it's quite expensive for such a small jar though, $7.50 leh lol but you get to bring the jar back home! The staff was very helpful to replace a clean one for me though :D 

The Tiramisu was super light with a tint of Milo flavor, not very strong. I would prefer it to be stronger but Bf loves their tiramisu very much though! 

Mini burger, chips and salad!

For their menu, you can visit this link.

Even their toilets also super chio one,  have pretty dangling furballs hanging from their ceilings!!

And how can we not feature the iconic cat head?

Featuring my cat-head bf LOL.

Overall, I enjoyed my visit at the cafe and I super love how the owner takes the effort in making the cafe into such a cosy area for people to chill and relax. Would definitely come back to try their mains! 

See you guys in my next post! 

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