My first photoshoot !

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Hai guys !

I'm finally back to revive this dead blog of mine . Just going to get straight to the point , I had my first photoshoot yesterday with the help of my bestie Mariam ! It was a impromptu one and it was really a good experience modeling .

I had very minimal make up on , just BB cream and my dollywink lashes. I bought the lashes last year and I didn't have a chance to wear it till yesterday lol . I was feeling very insecure about it because everyone was looking at me as if I've something on my face but apparently everyone told me it's not bad and it made me look more mature .

We head down to Toa Payoh Park first and kick start the photoshoot :


It was suppose to be those very elegant lady kind of photo but I guess I didn't really portray it well LOL  . You can see my hair was up in a super messy bun because I didn't bother to tie it nicely cox the weather was freaking hot . But the lightings there were perfect for photos though !

The biker jacket belongs to Mariam and I got the top from H&M kids section. It's one of my favourite top because it looks kind of jappy to me ! This look is more like 'the girl with attitude' kind , like those badass girl LOL .

 Le me trying to act fierce while my photographer is being hardworking at the back .

Still being hardworking .

Stole Mariam's sunnies .

Head over to TPY and got myself a balloon for the shoot later on and throughout the whole journey on the MRT Mariam was wearing her shades cox I was holding on to a balloon that says "Be mine" and apparently people think that she gave it to me , making us a les couple HAHAHA eh please ah I like guys not girls hor .

Next stop was Punggol Jetty and Jievanda came and join us ! 

This look is more of the casual looking one , it's just a tee paired with a pair of shorts. Shades and cap was from Mariam too !

4. Classy
I guess the last look was more like a classy one ? Looks more feminine too. Totally NOT my image LOL .

I really like this shot ! I look as if I just came out from the airport and Mariam is my manager or something hahaha .

My legs are really muscular ;_____;

Feel free to comment which looks do you like the most ! Personally , I like all of them hahaha . And it was fun modeling all these photos :D Thank you mariam for taking pretty pictures of me hehehehe .

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