Hello Kitty Orchid Garden Cafe Review

Monday, July 25, 2016

Being a huge kitty fan, HOW CAN I MISS THIS OUT RIGHT!!!

So me and my sister went on a weekday afternoon at about 1130am, and the queue time was about 1h.  A tip - Please bring something small along with you to munch on whenever you know you're going to queue. COX YOU WILL NEVER KNOW HOW LONG THE QUEUE IS. I didn't have breakfast and that 1h was a killer. Super lucky that I brought a small pack of chips along with me if not I would have died of hunger outside the cafe. 

A hello kitty Menu. Duhhhh

We ordered:
Big Breakfast Surprise ($18.50)
Let's do the Salsa ($16.50)
Strawberry Marshmallow Tea ($8.00)
Speculoos Latte ($7.00)

We waited for about 20-30 minutes for our food. It's a long wait if you sit there, but there are many photo opportunities around so why not spend this time and go around the cafe to take photos? REMEMBER YOU ARE HERE FOR THE PHOTOS, NOT THE FOOD.

If you compare the prices to the one at Pom Pom Purin Cafe , this is slightly cheaper, but the portion of the food isn't as big as the one at Pom Pom Purin Cafe. 

My sister's Iced Speculoos Latte came first and it comes along with a really cute coaster that you can bring home! I thought my tea didn't have one so I asked the waitress for it. Ended up it came along with the tea as well, so I have two coasters lol #yay

Oh did I mention that the lightings here are very good for camwhoring? 

The sister posing with her waffle. I love the smoke duck!!! The waffle is a little cold and hard though.

What's a hello kitty cafe without merchandise? :3

Plant kits... that do not come cheap. If I'm not wrong they are $30+ each? I would prefer to buy my vegetables freshly from the market though.

I bought these set of postcards at $16.00 for 4, these are actually really good quality postcards - pretty thick, which explains the price. 

There's actually two photo spot here, one is near the kitchen - which is the one my sister took a photo with.

And the second one at the far back seated! The lighting at the front one is clearly better though. 

Oh and how can I forget, they are open 24h!!!!!! But of course don't expect everything on the menu to be available if you're there at 3am lah. You don't need rest, the chef also need rest ok? lol!

Will I be back again? 
50-50. If the queue is short and I happen to have extra cash, I will go for another round! 

So that's all I've for you today, see you in the next post :D

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