Filming Day + Ciel Cafe Review

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Hello guys! 

I'm so sorry for the lack of updates because I was very very busy with my assignments. I know I shouldn't be using this as an excuse cox I'm lazy myself too lah :x Whenever I'm free I'll just spend my time shopping online and not blog cox I need to photoshop all my photos. I've this habit of not blogging if I don't have any photos to post and if I were to blog, I'll make sure all my photos are nicely editted before I post them up. *perfectionist here cough*

Back to topic! 
From the title you would know I've went for filming and I'm the director! I kind of regretted volunteering myself as a director because if anything goes wrong, it will be MY fault. And I'm someone with very little confidence so I don't really trust myself to do things correctly and I ended up doubting myself.

Went to CIEL cafe for the first day of filming and thank you Chara for lending us the location! Chara is the lady boss of CIEL cafe and she's super nice lor ! Plus her cakes and tarts all thumbs up one! I will talk about it later in my post!

Filming started in awhile and here are some photos taken by my friends during the filming!

JV being extremely hardworking at the back *pats back*

My handsome barista HAHAHAHA.

He's such a liar please he said he couldn't speak chinese well and when he open his mouth I'm like walao please your chinese lose me abit hor LOL. And that girl in red shirt is my female lead! I didn't have any photos of her though :x

My friends were part of the filming too and thank you guys so much for helping out in my film! *hug*
Didn't forget you guys, I photoshop your faces pretty pretty + handsome also!


Tried out their tarts after filming and I'm going to make you guys hungry hohoho.

So many pretty cakes & tarts!
They also sell macarons as you can see at the back!

Pretty cakes deserve more photos.

Tried the chocolate caramel tart & the one with the strawberry toppings one (I forgot what's the name lol) and they are mega yummy! 

Photos taken with my iphone 5:

I couldn't decide which one I like more because both of them are equally yummy!

I like this cox it has my favourite strawberries on it and the custard isn't too sweet which is a good thing for me because I don't really have a sweet tooth and I really hate food that are too sweet.

Chocolate Caramel Tart!

The caramel at the bottom is to die for! I super duper love caramel!!!!! And the chocolate is dark chocolate so it's bitter, no need to worry if everything is going to turn out extremely sweet or what :D

If you're interested in the cafe you can visit the website @ 

124 Hougang Ave 1
Singapore 530124


Koala unite!

Sunday, July 14, 2013


Hello everyone! 
I'm pretty sure you guys will be familiar with what I'm holding on my hands:

It's the Lotte Koala March!

I'm pretty sure when you guys walk passed the snacks section you will see these Koalas on the shelves.  You will definitely not missed them out because their packaging is so cute! Just look at that baby koala hugging on to it's mummy! *melt*

(This is what I do when I'm angry, I bite >:( )

The Lotte Koala march comes in three different flavors:
Which one is your favourite?
Mine is the strawberry one!

I mega love these biscuits cox their fillings is super rich and creamy! And each biscuits is filled with a good amount of fillings, not like those 'kiam siap' snacks that only have very little fillings in them. Like 90% is biscuits and 10% is filling lol. 

Let's proceed on to unboxing the Creamy milk Koala march!

Silver packaging with Koala prints!

Koalas finally see the world!

I always snack during classes and obviously you do not want to make a mess in the classroom just in case you get caught by your teacher, so I STRONGLY RECOMMEND you to bring this to class if you get hungry easily like me.  Just pop it into your mouth and chew! 
Bite size biscuits are awesome :D

Look at my Koala gang!

There are sooooooo many different koala designs just in a packet and you all want to guess how many designs do they have? 

20? 50? 100?


Answer is....

365 DESIGNS !!!!
So I will have 365 different kinds of koalas to look for while I munch on them :O ! *die of cuteness* I was super shock when I realize they have so many designs because I thought they would just repeat the koala designs, so thumb up for the effort!

Recently I just found out a super amazing thing about this koala biscuit and I literally went "WTF THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE. " 

So it's said that if you shake the Koala's March for a whole 30 minutes, your biscuits will turn into a BALL, inside the package. SO IS THIS A MYTH ? And did I succeed ? 


You guys should try it out too!! 


Saturday, July 13, 2013

Hi guys! I finally have something more interesting to blog about *v*
Today's blogpost will be picture heavy but no worries cox got handsome guy ok!!

Went to Alien's autograph session today at Square 2 and I first I thought the queue was short because there were people queuing inside so I decided to go to Ajisen for lunch first but ended up the queue was outside the mall and the queue was MAD LONG.

There was no barricade or anything so I was around the 8th row but then I manage to squeeze and get myself to the 6th row. And this super nice guy let me stand infront of him! :D 

I stood for like 3 hours+ just to see him lor.

Alien came down from the escalator!

With 93.3 host 陈宁!

Shall just let picture do the talking:

I screenshot most of the pictures from the videos I took because from my past experience I realize that the shutter speed was either not fast enough or the pictures turn out super blurry so I ended with no pictures :( This time I smart already LOL.

Actually I took alot of pictures and I can say 3/4 of them ended up blurry AGAIN mehz thank god for the videos. Talking about that my back almost broke ok! Everyone was stretching their hands up to take photos and videos and being short I had to tiptoe and raise my hands like really high up if not I couldn't see anything. And after straight 9 minutes of stretching, I almost died OTL.

Just in case if you're wondering what camera I'm using to take all the photos, I'm using my Pink Samsung NX1000 with zoom lenses. The normal lenses would not be able to take such photos from afar. I got it for $599 at the IT fair and the lenses come free ! So don't ask me what camera I use ah!

Autograph session started after 3 songs and when I went on the stage he greeted me with "HELLO! " then show his signature smile and dimples *melt* And then I told him 你很可爱! 加油哦! and he replied 谢谢! then have handshake lol. I super awkz cox I wanted to take back my hands cox I thought it will be a short handshake like show luo's, who know it will be that long LOL. So I wanted to take back my hand but he was still holding to it and I look at him and I saw him smile at me! I ABIT FREAK OUT COX FIRST TIME I SEE SOMEONE LOOK AT ME IN THE EYES THIS LONG LEH. 

*Greet with Signature smile*

*Sign album*

*Anticipating the next album face*

Ending off with a last picture!

Okay xiaogui say byebye! :D

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