I scream for ICE CREAM .

Monday, February 17, 2014

Was hopping around some blogs and I saw a new ice cream shop opened near my house !! Okay lah not say very near but it's within walking distance hahaha so I headed down to the shop to celebrate belated Valentine's with my sister ! 

If you guys followed me on Instagram (@fanfanfannyfan) you would know the place is called I Scream ! I'm a really big fan of ice cream but I don't eat them often because I get fat easily :( But it's okay to indulge sometimes right? :D

Was pretty much impressed with the ambience of the cafe but I really must say that the service there sucks lol. The moment we entered the place practically NOBODY attended to us, like we were transparent and we don't even know where to take the menu from. So me and my sister just stood infront of the counter looking at the board -_____- 

This does not only happen to me okay, I saw a mother and a daughter coming into the cafe and they were not given the menu too. They had to go up to the counter and ask for the menu lol. 

I understand that the cafe is a self service cafe cox we were given a ringer (or whatever you call that lah) so when it lights up we go to the counter and get our food but they actually served us our food so plus point for that. BUT at least direct us to where the menu is? I mean I don't need you to greet me but at least get me a menu so I could order what I want right!

Besides the service, something good about the cafe is that I Scream actually adapts a pay by weight system for the ice cream which is awesome so you won't feel cheated for paying $3.50 for a freaking small scoop of ice cream and they have so many flavors for you to choose from!

Lots of ice cream choices and mini macarons!

Crispy waffle with Tiramisu Ice cream. ($6.90)
You can add a waffle for $2 and I thought they would stack the waffles up but it came in another seperate which is awesome because it was meant to be shared anyways!

Berry Awesome Bingsu ($6.90)
Comes with strawberries, red beans, marshmallows and strawberry(?) sorbet!

I absolute love the ice cream here because it's not too sweet because overly sweet food are super disgusting to me and it also means additional fats boooh.

My sister enjoying her food.

Left the place after that and we saw alot of people along the road and just nice it was Chingay! So we kpo and join the people along the road LOL. #typicalsingaporeans

This is my favourite! Cox it's a heart shape hahaha.

Random shot of a little girl.

That's all for this post! thanks for reading x ;)
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