BBQ day .

Monday, June 17, 2013

Hi guys it's 12.40am here and I'm still not asleep yet. (and I need to head back to school tomorrow for projects .___. )

Have been meeting up with my bunch of people in secondary school and I've been meeting some of them consecutively for 4 days - BBQ, shopping, gymming and all LOL . It was super fun meeting up with them because we've known each other for a pretty long time and everything was just so comfortable. I won't need to hide myself when I'm with them because you knew they wouldn't judge you, like how some people does.

Okay back to topic ! So we had a mini gathering @ ECP on Friday and I swear the weather was so damn hot I can't even, I was complaining to TC along the way while we were walking to the pit. Poor him have to tahan my whining HAHAHA.

 We were lazy to prepare the food so we ordered food from some BBQ wholesaler so we had to wait for the delivery. Most of us was whining cox we didn't had lunch (we were all eying the BBQ food) but then some of us were too hungry so we decided to had some alcohol that we bought before that.

Some cider drink which I didn't like the taste. I SUPER LOVE BREEZER THOUGH! :DDD

Then after awhile the food came!

Satays, chicken wings, garlic bread!
But the food was like so so only lah , But I really love their satays & Garlic bread, love until can cry LOL *cue dramatic music*


Cox this is the first time I didn't touch the tongs and cook food , it was the guys doing all the job so I just sit someone and wait for my food to be served hehehehe. I was quite surprised that they all good pretty well leh ! Good husband material hor you all want contact number can tweet me :D

MQ & Eugene sunshine smile while starting the fire HAHAHA.

My stomach is grumbling booohooo

I was really cui looking that day so I was in cap & fake specs lol.

I find this picture funny somehow LOL. But Jon's figure looked not bad here anyways so I shall just post it up HAHAH. And just look at my legs wtf all muscles .____.

Happy YZ & Jerrick enjoying their food :D

Like I mentioned we'd alcohol right! 
I only had a few sips of breezer and cider I'm high already wtf. My whole face and body is super hot and I just sat down and started laughing at single thing I see LOL. And I'd to lean on someone cox my head is super heavy but after awhile I'm okay already lah ! My alcohol level ah, is really cannot make it one :x

But not bad right I still know how to dodge camera when I was half-awake HAHAHA.


And thank you Jievanda for being the planner once again ! Mega love for chu!

She's a super good planner I swear! Like she co-ordinate everything until swee swee for us, much appreciated :D And some of the pics credited to her too!

And yep that's all for today! Thanks for reading xx

USS second trip!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Went to USS with my family on Thursday and I bought the student pass with my cousin and sister cox they are currently having a promotion now: 6 months for $88 ! Imagine you go 10 times, each trip only $8.80 leh! Damn cheap LOL. But it's only valid till 30th November so it's like 5 months ? But still, it's cheap lah ! Especially if you're a themepark person !

It was my second time here so I don't really feel that excited lol. I didn't really went on alot of rides cox the queue was mad long and the weather was so damn crazy.

Just look at how hot the weather is, everyone is taking umbrella and the woman on the left is taking cover with her phamplets LOL. (I wonder if that helps)

The tickets are really cute btw!

But sadly I've to gave up my tickets to 'upgrade' it to the annual pass :( But it's worth it cox the guy serving us was really cute !! I was spazzing over him throughout the day HAHAHA #fangirlmode and he's really funny too! Best combo :D

Our first stop was Madagascar ! *cue I like to move it move it song*

We took photos with the penguins but wtf the penguins was pushing me and I've no placed to stand and there were so many peoples queuing to take photo with them and I ended up with a really horrible picture so I'm not posting it.

Here's a shot of the penguins with my mum and aunt!

If I'm not wrong this is the castle where you can watch the 4D shrek movie or something and I knew what exactly will happen and I didn't tell my mum and sister and they ended up getting sprayed by water in their face while I cover mine with a plastic bag HAHAHA. 

Cute display of gingerbread man :D


We head over to Transformers area for some food!

Interior of the cafe. Look so futuristic lol.

My Teriyaki chicken set.

It was so-so only lor, the chicken was really dry and it was so hard to chew. But I like the rice!

The set came with this soy pudding and I gave my portion to my mum cox I was really full. Apparently my cousin said it's nice cox it tasted like laoban. It smells really good though! 

Head on to my favourite ride after that !  
Can you all guess which is my favourite ?

It's the transformers ride! I super love this cox it's airconditioned LOL.
And because I love how the effect is so real and all! But I was being super noisy when I was on the ride cox I keep pretending to get hit by the gun or something and I replied to the robot when they talked   hahahaha. 

Sesame street was next !

Went on a lameass ride and we proceeded on to watch the water show!

Everything is super real ! And got hotmoh guys for girls to see leh HAHAHA. But the female lead also quite hot, figure damn good!

Last stop was the Jurassic park which I didn't went in cox I was drained out.

Some random night shots I've taken over at USS!
I think USS at night is really pretty :')

Ending off with a bareface selca! :D

A day at ECP + pancakes !

Monday, June 10, 2013

Hi guys I'm blogging in class now cox its' Chinese literature & tbh I've never ever listened to this lecturer talk since the beginning of the sem.

I'm super duper busy with my assignments :( My everyday routine is like wake up at 6am & go school, then reach home at 7-8pm, do assignments & sleep mehz. Just next week alone I've 3 assignments to submit so pardon me for not updating that much!

ok the above part was updated during chinese lit class LOL I'm having holidays now ! :D

Went to ECP last sunday with my sister & my cousins and we went to do some exercising! Rented skates & bicycles and obviously I went on the bike cox I don't know how to skate LOL.

Random shot.

Actually I lie to you all one, I learn how to skate already okay !


Sorry I look very cui cox the wind was blowing in my face & I only have like 4-5 hours of sleep the previous night :x

I'm like super pro that I ended up with an injured knee -______-

I was trying to move towards a pillar and hug it so I can balance but ended up I kanchiong and I knocked my face on the pillar and fell on my knee mehz. I'M NEVER SKATING AGAIN >:(

Cab down to Nook's for lunch !

Retarded face with le sister on cab.

Basically it's a pancake house and you can get to draw your own pancakes !
The place is kind of ulu one and we took damn long to find the place lor! Even the cab driver also cannot find lol.

Here's the menu! 

You can picked 2 pancake flavours that comes in different colours and 3 toppings for the price of $30.90 (including GST) which I think it's not really worth it although I was super full after finishing the pancakes. (We shared it among 4 people btw) I can definitely get better food than pancakes with that amount of money. 

We picked strawberry and pandan flavor and M&Ms, fruit cocktail and oreo chunks for the toppings.

They provide free condiments like butter and maple syrup :D

And let the pancakes making begin!

At first I thought it was really easy to make the pancakes with the bottles but I was wrong ! It's like so hard for me to get the shapes correctly & I'm never good at art so... yeah LOL. And I always worry that my pancakes will get charred or something cox I couldn't estimate the right time to flip the pancake , so I ended up with really ugly BUT yummy pancakes.

My masterpiece.

Some other masterpiece by us.

I realize all the photos taken in this post are really bad due to the lightings :( And it's taken with my iphone 5 :x So I've decided to get a camera!

 I bought my new camera at the IT fair a few days back and I'll blog about it soon ! Maybe in my next post or something. 

Thanks for reading ! x

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