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Saturday, November 12, 2011

So you all must read on!
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Yeyeyeyeye! My O levels is finishing soon, left with the freaking science MCQ paper on Monday and I'm officially free! But I'd long started slacking after my last major paper. *guilty


Aiyaa, you see title you know where I went already lol.

I went for AFA11 - Anime Festival Asia today with Lynn! I don't really watch Anime and the ONLY anime I watched was Kaichou Wa Maid Sama introduced by my friends. And I got addicted to Usui. LOL. Okai that's not the point, back to topic!

So my motive of going to AFA was to visit the Butler/Maid cafe. I was in a dilemma whether to choose the Butler one or the Maid one. So if you follow me on twitter, you'd see me spammed about the butler that served us coz he was of my bias. *shy
Yep, I went to the butler cafe - AtelierRoyale !

We reached pretty early and the queue for the cafe was still pretty short. I was getting all excited when I see Yutaki LOL. AND THE BEST THING, ME AND LYNN NO NEED TO QUEUE COZ WE ONLY HAVE 2 PEOPLE AND THEY JUST NICE HAVE TABLES FOR 2. Serve you right to those that bring many people. HAHAHA. #justkidding lolol. So we got to skip queue! AND GUESS WHO OUR BUTLER IS?

WE GOT HIKARU! ♥ (*coughs, the guy on the left)



You know why! Coz I've never been treated so nicely by a guy before! #fml LOL. Like all the gentlemen actions like pulling my chair for me, adding in milk & sugar to my coffee (Which I rejected immediately coz I was too shy LOL) & he always popped up behind me and talked to me suddenly which makes me almost died in the cafe coz I choked on the cake!

The most expensive cake I ever had in my whole life.
$19.80 for this plate and a cup of coffee!
Lynn bought the chocolate one! 
BUT, THE CAKE WAS SUPER FILLING CAN?! Couldn't finish the cake. ;x

Badges were on sale @ $3.50 each!
Hikaru's badge is mine & Hiroshi's is Lynn's!
(Like duh, I'm a hardcore fan of Hikaru LOLOL)

And you can take a photo for $5 with the butler that is serving you so Lynn took with Hikaru and I feel like killing her ON THE SPOT. LOL. I DIDN'T TAKE COZ I'VE NO MORE $$$$$$ LEFT . #thefmlmoment So one of the lady there was nice enough, she told me I can come in later if I decided to change my mind without buying the food coz she remember my face so I can take a photo with Hikaru. SHE SAID I COULD SLAP HIM IF HE DON'T REMEMBER MY FACE LOLOLOLOL. And he showed a sad face. LMAO.

But guess what?

& the queue was starting to get long. :(

Despite my money flying, it was still an awesome experience!

Nah, Camwhored pic of me with the badges. LOL.

Japan 2010 - Day 6 to Day 7 (END)

Friday, May 6, 2011

~~~ヾ(^∇^)おはよー♪ !

WS must be very happy cause she was asking me to blog about the last day for damn long already!

Sidetrack: FML, com restarted 3 times -.-

So last day, we went to Osu Town to shop! It's like our Bugis Street though, about 3km long with a wide variety of shops ranging from local products to China products. It is also much cleaner than Singapore’s Bugis Street. AND ANOTHER PROS: SUPER NOT HOT, CUZ IT WAS DURING AUTUMN TIME! Plus the street was damn big and there was no need to squeeze. (HEARD THAT AUNTIES, STOP PUSHING!)

Things there were quite ex I guess. Hard to find items that are cheaper then 1000yen. BUT BEING THE BUDGET QUEEN, I manage to find good deals! LOL. But I didn't take much photos, cause I was busy shopping. ( ̄~ ̄;)I swear Singapore customer service (Referring to SOME SG's shop owners) CANNOT compare to Japan one. Cfm lose de. Here's a comparision:

*Enter shop in SG*
Shop owner/assistant: *Cao bin* (Black face)
You: *Walk around see see look look*
Shop owner/assistant: *Follow you all around like you going to steal like that*
You: Think to yourself: "Wtf? Can lemme shop in peace or not?"
-You leave shop-
Shop owner/assistant: Chey, not buying then don't come lah.


*Enter shop in Japan*
Shop owner/assistant: -Greets in cheerful manner and bow- (Although I dunno what they talking about)
You: *Smile*
You: -Browse around and leaves-
Shop owner/assistant: Thank you for visiting and bow- (Although I dunno what they talking about but I assume they are saying that)

Then ah, after you pay for your stuffs, they give your plastic bags with 2 hands one! And EVERY stall will say 'Thank you'. I vouched for it.


Ok, let's continue.

After shopping stomach also empty already. So we had sushi buffet! MAD SHIOK. BEEF AND CAKES. NOMNOM. And back to the hotel! My luggage was exploding cause I bought ALOT of stuffs back! Mostly the souveniers that Mummy ask me to buy.

BEEF. (Sorry if you're halal or anti-beef)


I ate both pieces. Nom.

Hotel view.

My messy bed.Once again, Don't judge me! LOL.

My bags & Jackets.


Bye Japan!
Hello SG!

My on-air with Singapore Airline meal! 

Stuffs I bought from Japan!
All the food are all less then 1000 yen, which is like damn cheap.
If you buy food that is imported from Japan one in SG cfm damn ex, cause they sit airplane come SG.
And the food thr all taste damn nice also!

This is a must-buy from Japan.

And let's end off with :
Me & WS on the plane.

(^ _ ^)/~~サヨナラ!

Japan 2010 - Day 5 to Day 6

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Hi, I'm back. I'm going to tempt you all again!

Went for ice skating! THE MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENT I HAVE HAD. My partner helped me tie my laces on our skate and also wearing our elbow and knee guards. (BE JEALOUS LOL)Everything was fine until the moment I step into the ring. It was nightmare.

Everyone was skating fine and I was holding on the rails at the side cause I dont want to fall. Then I managed to get out of the ring like FINALLY but my teacher pulled me in again. -.- So I was hugging on to my teacher. THEN thanks to 2 musketeers, I screamed and almost fell cause TC and JX pushed my hands. The whole skating ring was my voice lor. Then the 3 to 4 yr old little kids were staring at me like some siaozharbor. Damn no face lor! All the kids can skate! x_x

Like that not paiseh enough, most paiseh was that even the JAPAN MEDIA come and film me screaming. -.- ZOOM IN MY FACE SOMEMORE. WAHLAO! All toupai me then later go on news I no face sial. I was like "Thank god I'm out" when we proceed on for lunch.

Barbeque lunch! Had beef! (Sorry I'm gonna make you guys hungry again!) SUPER NICE. and the BBQ pit was super big so can cook alot at once! One of the pits exploded, lucky it wasn't ours! And it was like super unfair lor! 'Halal' and 'No beef' students get to eat seafood. Got sotong ley! I want! Had Amazing Race after that. I was just walking around the town looking here and there. LOL.


I WAS HOPING MY FAMILY HAVE A DOG AND HOOLA, god loves me and granted me my wish. LOL. But since we arrived at night, the dog was outside sleeping alr. :( My host was an old couple and they are super cute lor! They see us camwhoring with their soft toys and they brought out all their soft toys for us to camwhore. I SNATCHED a stich bag and it was mine for a day! I brought it everywhere I go! Dinner was awesome! Got some like Takoyaki pizzas or something and dessert was CHEESECAKE. HAND-MADE BY AHGONG! I SWEAR I'M GOING TO MARRY A JAPAN GUY. LOLOL. Just kidding.

The skating ring.

On our way to the BBQ pit.

TADA. Bigbig BBQ pit!

Cooking in process.

Scenery on the bus.

Our room.


Double noms.

Our host cooking for us!


Pumpkin soup.

See the Stich bag I was carrying! & the cute ahgong! 

I have very good relationship with ahma. (See we interlock our hands) LOL.


Double nom cheesecake.

Tea that was served with the cake.

A part of the pension house.


Breakfast at pension, what can I say? I ate only a little thou cause I want to play with the dog! THE DOG LOVES ME. (I say so) LOL. Cause it wasn't struggling when I hug it! Okla, so proceeded to some tunnels and the temple. I bought fortune cookies! but all the notes in the cookies is Japanese and I can't read, but I think it should be something good right.  THE BEST LUNCH AT HOTEL! BUFFET AGAIN! FYL you cannot enjoy! Lol.

The more interesting part is the Nagato Farm! We made butter and ice cream! HAND MADE OK. ALOT OF SHAKING SHAKING AND SHAKING! Shake super long then can get result lor! I like the butter more then the ice cream thou.

NIGHT WAS NICE. We have a chance to wear KIMONO! I chose a pink one! :D But it was damn tight lor! I've difficulty breathing~ Had a crazy 'disco' session blindfolded and it was damn diulian I swear! I dance like some mad woman! Slacked in the room after that and had tea sessions with WS. 'Tonged' for Lipton lemon tea from the vending machine! Tried the coke too and it was super fizzy lor!

Awesome trees.

LIFE SIZE HELLO KITTY. (Bigger than me somemore!)


Petite size cakes!


Churn churn churn and you get....

The pathetic amount of butter.

My set of Kimono!

The lady that help me to wear my Kimono.

The blossom girls. LOL.

Group picture.


Night view + our reflection.

Colourful enough?

Okla, I only like the dessert for dinner, so I only post that picture alright?
Won't kill your stomach anymore! xD

Nice right! xD

Stay tune for the last day and the flight back!!!!! :D
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