Review: The Plain Jane Cafe

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Off day from work and decided to get our lazy asses out to Serangoon with my sister today. We are those kind that will try to google which cafe is near the area we are heading to and make it a coincidence that we happened to drop by the cafe (exposed)! Serangoon has a number of cafes; Artease, Oblong, Plain Jane etc... and we decided to go for Plain Jane as we saw quite a number of good reviews over the net!

As the cafe is located below a HDB block, it's definitely not easy to find and being sisters with no sense of direction, it took us about 30 mins navigating around. Tried googling for directions but there was none so you gonna thank me for this post. Read till the end for directions on how to get there from Serangoon MRT!

Pretty deco around the cafe.

Counter area.

We ordered the Thai milk tea and Raspberry swiss roll ($5.90 each) and I guess we were being judged because we took about 20 minutes to take photos before we devour our cakes lol!

Very excited to eat!!

Moving on to the cakes...

Contemplating over the matcha one and the raspberry... But pink won me over. Sorry matcha next time :x This taste pretty normal to me though. But still the cake is super soft and light!

I'm a huge fan of thai milk tea!!! So I was quite excited to try this one out and it turns out that it's super yummy! Cake was soft, milk tea taste wasn't overpowering, not too sweet... everything is just nice. My sister pick this over the raspberry one. 

But one thing, I'm not someone that can really accept something that is not in it's original form... I'm not sure if you get what I mean but it just means that I would prefer thai milk tea by itself instead of a thai milk tea swiss roll... BUT STILL IT'S NICE OK THAT'S IT!!!

Happy us after eating :D
Super love my new camera because it makes our skin baby smooth!!! Look at my sister's cheeks glow LOL.

Plain Jane is located at:

Blk 211 Serangoon Ave 4 
#01-10 Singapore 550211 
Mon, Tue, Thu to Sun: 10am – 10pm 
Closed: Wed 
Nearest Station: Serangoon

So here's the directions from Serangoon MRT to Plain Jane:

1.) Take exit C and you end up at with a sign that says "Serangoon Central 201 - 210" 

2.) Turn right and walk into the HDB blocks till you see block 210. 

3.) You will see a road with 2 traffic lights; cross the traffic light on the right and you will find Block 211. Plain Jane is just located there! 

Just in case you're looking for Artease, cross the traffic light on the left instead and walk further down.

See you guys in the next post :)

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