Review: Magic Eye Chocolate Lenses

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

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Hello everyone! I'm back with a new lens review! 

*product picture*

For those that don't want the "overly anime-ish" look, I strongly recommend you this lens because it doesn't have the black outer rim but yet retains it enlarging and color effect, which it a very natural lens for everyday look.

Added some blue tint to look like the girl on the box that store the lenses. Got look like?! LOLOLOL.

You may think that my eyes looks kind of big in the photo, but that's because I've eyeliner on. If you wear it without eyeliner, the effect will look like this:

You can see the brown clearly under sunlight! *___*

Another shot with the Magic Eye Chocolate lenses!

 I love how you can see the brown under light so clearly, and it's very suitable for everyday use due to how thin the lenses is, which means you won't feel so uncomfortable even after wearing for a long period of time.

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Pom Pom Purin Cafe Singapore Review

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Hello everyone!
In today's post I'm going to be talking about my experience at the newly open Pom Pom Purin Cafe (Singapore)! Seems like lots of characters cafes are coming to Singapore... and that also means long queues, and a hole in pocket T______T

Went there on a Sunday afternoon and the queue time was about 2h.

On a side note, they could have issued queue numbers instead of letting the customers waste time standing outside to queue. I've seen cafes like Sunday folks using some sort of system in the ipad as well so customers can go walk around first and they will send a text to the customer when it's about to be their turn. Isn't it more efficient that way? hmmmm.

Lots of pom pom purin details!

And also the iconic mascot in the middle of the cafe.
The cafe wasn't as big as what I expected though, it's pretty small. Probably about 18-20 seats only?

We were lucky enough to get the sofa seats and it's pink somemore *_____* 
My sister is having a hard time deciding what to eat because the ones with the cup are more expensive than those food that are mould into pom pom purin. 

I went for the most expensive stuff on the menu - Carbonara Spaghetti $26.99
The portion looks kind of little from the picture, but there's actually quite alot of noodle and surprisingly, it tasted better than pastamania's one LOL. (And yes you get to bring home the pom pom purin mug!!!)

Cookies & cream vanilla latte $11.99
I wanted to get the mango soda but it's sadly out of stock :( 
The drink is not bad, but the price is wayyyyyyyyyyy too much for a drink. I'm only ordering it for the coaster because you can bring home that as well HAHAHA.

Ended up my sister decided to go for the Taco Rice! ($19.99)
Stole a few bites, and I think the rice is a little too hard? I guess it need it to be solid enough to be moulded into a pom pom purin. I still prefer my spaghetti though.

The total bill added up to about $86 for 2 person, pretty expensive. But this kind of thing... you know you are only paying for the photos la hahahaha. 

Ending off with a shot with the pompom purin family!

And nope, I'm not going back again because I could go for a good buffet with the amount of money spent here. However, if you're a foreigner visiting Singapore, this cafe is worth a visit :)

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