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Monday, November 25, 2013

Back with a new post cox I'm currently quite free now after submitting my essay. Although I still have filming later this week and presentation two weeks after  :( #lifeofamediastudent

So if you are friends with me on Facebook you would have known I went on my third photoshoot! Here's my first photoshoot and second photoshoot if you're interested hahaha. And please don't be lame and go to my and leave stupid comments like "you've changed so much that I don't know you anymore." It's like totally wtf so just keep your comments to yourself if you have nothing better to say. *roll eyes*

The photoshoot was supposed to part of my friend's assignment and since I really love to take photos *ahem* I decided to take up the job!

I wanted to use this photo as my blog header but since I really like this current layout, I shall just stick with it. So this is my facebook cover picture now lol.

I was pretty awkward at first cox I didn't know anyone from the crew and all my photographers are guys LOL which made it double awkward for me but they are really nice lah !! :D So I don't really feel uncomfortable during the shoot.Had the shoot at gardens by the bay and it's really really pretty with all the greens and flowers as your background.

 I wasn't in a really good condition for photoshoot cox I was having a pimple breakout and I didn't have enough sleep the night before so I look really terrible. Thank god for photoshop hohoho.

The clothes was prepared by the director (which is my friend lah) cox I didn't know what type of concept she had in mind so she went to Bugis and got all the stuffs lol. So if you want to buy the dress or anything just go to Bugis street okay hahaha.

For the first set it was a colorful splatter dress and I think it matches quite well with the background!

The next set of clothes is more of Apink's style.

Something like this LOL.

Presenting to you:

There are lots more of photos taken but here are some of my favorite shots!
I took really long to edit them and if I were to edit all I will really die LOL.
I hope you like them as much as I do! 
See you guys in the next post!!

supriya sivabalan said...

Omg you're so pretty! And you have gorgeous legs, I'm jealousssss~ Haha you're wrong though! :p Having my body, eating just the slightest bit of junk / fried food will make me look obese LOL .

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