Biore cleansing oil cotton facial sheets Review

Friday, December 20, 2013

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If you guys didn't know, Biore is one of my favourite brands and I have used Biore products for more than two years already! I'm pretty sure you girls have heard of this brand too cox it's pretty popular among lots of pretty bloggers like xiaxue and qiuqiu.

Look at all my biore products !!!

If you are wondering why there are two different boxes, it's because Biore has changed their packaging!

I usually don't put very thick makeup when I go out unless I have a photoshoot to do and I'm always very lazy to remove my makeup because it's so troublesome. YA IM LAZY LIKE THIS LOL.

I was trying out the Daiso brand of makeup remover and it's so damn hard to remove my gel eyeliner and I will end up scratching my eyelid to remove it at the end of the day and it hurts so badly .___. Ended up having really sore eyelids lol.

But now with the new Biore cleansing oil cotton facial sheets, say bye bye to stubborn makeup that refused to leave your face !!!

As you can see from the photo, my eyeliner and shimmer got removed TOTALLY in just 2 wipes! (I'm using liquid eyeliner which is easier to remove) Tried it with my gel eyeliner today and with just 4 wipes, it's totally removed !! Compared to the old one, the new sheets cleanse much faster because they contain much more cleansing oil in it!

The wipes comes in 3 different packaging:

Left to right: Regular tub ($17.90), refill ($15.60), handy pack ($3.90)

The handy pack is super useful when you're travelling~
And if you're wondering where to get them, you can get them from major pharmacies like Watsons and supermarkets !!
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