Shopping Haul Vlog + A track to nowhere photoshoot

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Omg pardon me, I'm taking forever to come up with this blogpost cox I've work + lots of schoolwork to complete.  So to compesate I made a vlog on my shopping haul! You can watch it below:

Must like and subscribe ok!!!! :D

Headed out for another shoot with Mariam a few days back and if you don't know she has done a few shoots for me before and this is the third one!

She wanted more of a no smile look and it is OBVIOUSLY not my usual self LOL because usually I'm the bubbly girl hahaha.

Our first station was some abandon railway tracks that was near my school and it raining so we didn't have alot of shots there. I stood in the rain just for a few pictures okay ! I was damn scared that my makeup will smudge but lucky never lolol.

The thing I hate about photoshoot is that you need to bring alot of accessories/clothes/shoes to change out. So I really very lazy lah, recycle all my accessories and shoes, only change clothes lol. 

Moved on to Hortpark after that and I was very excited cox it was my first time visiting the place. That place is really nice for photoshoot !! No wonder so many wedding photos were taken there. It was still raining when we reached there so we decided to take some indoor shots first. 

As usual, some of these were random shots and you can see that my random shot face is much better than those that I looked into the camera one.

I was super excited and Mariam described it as "me in fairytale" LOL. I guess the last shot turns out to be the best shot because I was in my most comfy outfit, like what I usually will wear out. The above 2 is just too 'punk' for me. 

And you guys saw the very pretty blue polka dot umbrella that appeared alot in this post right,  I randomly bought the umbrella at Guardian cox I was stuck in the rain LOL. It wasn't suppose to be a prop but it surprisingly turned out to be a very matching prop for my outfits!

Yep so that's all for this entry, wishing you guys a Merry Christmas Eve! :D

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