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Friday, November 8, 2013


Exactly what I'm feeling now >A<

Squeezing some time out to update this space before I lose all my readers hahaha. Tonight is my slacking night, nobody can control me >:B I'm feeling so tired these days... not because bad stuffs are happening to me, but the amount of projects is slowly taking all my brain cells away. I know everyone is going through the same thing as me, but I guess being a media student is extremely tough (?)

As we all know, media consist of different sectors: Radio, newspaper, news, dramas, and even designing. The list goes on and on. In my course, you've to learn every single thing and yes it's damn tough, especially when you don't have a very huge social network. Why? Because in my course, you need people for your films, interviews etc and we need to go out and hunt for places/companies that are willing to let us carry out our filming.

In this world, nothing comes free. Nobody is willing to help you if you're just a student/if you don't have money to pay them. You may say I can always find my friends to help but remember, not everyone likes to be on screen, not everyone likes their voices to be recorded. And a number of my friends aren't fluent in chinese, so what choices am I left with? If I don't find someone, I can forget about doing my assignments. 

I guess the course is training the students to be a 'bao-ga-liao' (which means can do everything) but what if you end up being a jack of all trades but master of none? Oh well. But despite saying all these, I'm still going to hang in there since I'm almost done with second year of studies. I can't wait for graduation omoooo.

Went for Everything With Fries with my sister for dinner!

I've always wanted to try it ever since I saw the outlet at Bugis but I didn't have a chance to due to my busy schedule, I finally get to tried it today!!

The place was rather empty so it was pretty quiet, probably because it was a weekday. The interior of the cafe is pretty cosy too, great for a catch-up session with your friends!

The dessert board.
Sadly, I didn't tried any of them though :x

My sister busy texting her 'boyfriend'.
See that smile on her face HAHAHAHA.
Me #foreveralone sighpie.

EMF beef burger with sour cream & onion fries, $15.90
Rating: 3.5/5

For first timers, you get to choose your fries seasoning and the size, either shoestring (thin fries) or Straight cut (Thick fries) The seasoning for the fries is pretty unique and I like it! For the burger wise, the beef patty is quite soft but it's super duper dry. Like I'd to drink a sip of water after every bite of it. I wanted to rate it a 3 but additional 0.5 to the big portion!

EMF Grilled Ham & Cheese Sandwich, $13.90
Rating: 4/5

I really really love the sandwiches! Especially the melted cheese & ham combination. I think they have some sauce in the sandwich too, but I don't know what is that, but it's super duper yums! My sister ordered the barbeque fries and I didn't quite like it cox it's pretty salty for me. And the portion is very big too!

Service wise I think they are pretty efficient cox my cup were topped up pretty fast and the people there are pretty friendly too. So I'll recommend this place if you want to find a place that you can hangout with your friends :D

So that's all for the post! Will blog again soon!!
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