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Friday, November 22, 2013

Hello my lovely people!
Back to do some updates of my life and take a break from all the sponsored posts.

Ever since my dad left, I finally realize how important family time is and yeah, it was one of my greatest regret in life that I didn't spend much time with him ever since I went to Secondary school. All I did was play computer games, went out with my friends, do my own work and stuff. We don't even have our dinner together.

You know people always tend to think that all they have is time, all this can wait, but really..?

So every now and then I'll try to make time to go out with my mum/find her for dinner because who knows you may not get the chance anymore? *touchwood* But it isn't easy to find a time where the family is free; my sister is so busy with her school assignments and CCA, my mum is busy with her work, and me busy with my assignments and all.

So we finally had some time last week and we headed out to Holland Village cox I wanted to try out the food at D'good cafe !

It took me god damn 30 minutes to find the place because my sense of direction is really bad and all I have is my google map app AND WORST STILL, it was raining and I slipped off the stairs wtffffff. So it kind of ruined my mood a little mehz.

The cafe was just crowded that we only get to sit at the Alfresco seating so we just decided to get some cakes before heading to another place for lunch.

Quite a nice place to hang out, but food wise I think it was quite over rated. The cheesecake was too sweet for my liking and the Matcha red bean cake was too bland :x Don't deserve the price but oh well they still look pretty!

Went for Miss Tam Chiak's Pizza hut xmas party and we get to try out the new xmas menu! 

I was literally rushing and I didn't have any time to put make up so I look damn cui that day so this picture is heavily photoshopped LOL.

The Menu for the night.

Shall spam you guys with all the food photos!

Criss cross fries and truffle mushroom baked pasta.
I didn't manage to get a good shot of the Christmas platter though cox I'm sitting with strangers and I paiseh to stetch out and take photos ah :x


Looks damn good right omg I'm drooling right now.

So basically this pizza is like a double decker bus lah. Like you know the first layer have ingredients then the second layer also got extra ingredients, so together you have a crazy good amount of ingredients on your pizza *scream*

HUNGRY ALREADY RIGHT HAHAHA I'M SORRY FOR DOING THIS TO YOU ALL but the pizza is already available at pizza hut outlets already, faster go fill your tummy k!!

See you guys soon! :D

supriya sivabalan said...

omg this looks so damn delicious, why did you have to make me crave for fast food on my diet TTTT haha x


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