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Sunday, November 10, 2013


I'm back from Anime Festival Asia (AFA) 2013 and it was a super duper tiring day for me cox I slept at 2am and woke up at 8am cox I cannot go back to sleep BOOOO. Met up with Lynn, my AFA partner for 3 years before heading to Suntec!

This year's dress code: 

Obviously this year I took more effort to wear nicely lah HAHAHAHA. 

So I stepped out of my house wearing like this cox I can't be bothered to bring all my stuffs there to change AND I GOT STARED BY EVERYONE LOL WHAT'S NEW RIGHT. I mean it's like super abnormal to see someone dresses like this and walk along the streets in Singapore but who cares I'm in the AFA mood so come on bitches STARE AS MUCH AS YOU LIKE LOL.

And the moment I stepped out of cityhall MRT I got approached by 2 modelling agency lol but obviously I didn't bother much cox the agency approached me 987654321 times before and obviously it was kind of a scam la. Just google the name of the agency and all the bad stuffs come out LOL.

Met up with Sinyee before we headed in and we decided to take a walk around first before heading to the cafe!

First thing that caught my eye.
 Super duper cute clips that I wanted to get but I didn't buy it in the end cox not like I will wear it out right :x

Cute postcards for sale.

Friendly stall owner that smile so brightly at my camera.

Super agile robot that walk faster than us despite him/her being in that suit LOL.

This is like my newest obsession now and I wanted to get the big plushie after I visited the cafe and Jino said later will sold out and I was like CHOI TOUCHWOOD AH, ended up when I head back to the booth,  I was like...



And the first thing that came thing my mind was "JINOOOOOOOOO I'M GOING TO KILL YOU" LOLOLOL. But obviously I didn't lah I'm so nice HAHAHAHA just kidding, since I can save money for my Japan trip so I was kind of happy that it was sold out!

Okay so next stop, the cafe !! 

This years' cafe was a new experience cox both the maids & butlers are in the same cafe and I was so happy because I wanted to see Miyake! SHE'S SO PRETTY OMGGGGGG /fangirling

Selca while we queue for the cafe.

And we got Kyoichi as our Butler!

He quite funny, he asked us "So I confirmed your orders, 3 tofu cheesecakes ?" And we said ya, but he served us 3 chocolate cake instead LOL. And uhhhh, apart from that, I like his smile ! :D

As usual, no photography in the cafe so I only took a photo of my tofu cheesecake and a cat. 

At first for the first 15 minutes after our food was served, no butlers came to our table to talk to us and I was like mehhhhhzxc. Cox the table beside us was a girl sitting alone and all the butlers go to her and I was like eh eh eh why no butlers talk to us boooooo. Then I told Lynn and Sinyee next year we go in seperate, each person 1 table LOL then maybe got more butlers will talk to us *smirk* But immediately after I said that got butlers came to us LOL DAMN I SHOULD HAVE SAID IT EARLIER.

So I'm briefly going to describe my experience with the butlers this year!

The first one that came over was Preston/Ren

He was Lynn's and Sinyee's favourite but when he came over both of them didn't talk to him AT ALL & THEY JUST LEAVE THE TALKING TO ME LOL. But he was so so quiet !!  I'd to think of questions to start a conversation, for a moment I thought I was doing my assignment cox I'd to think of interview questions for my interviewee LOL. And thanks for saying my uniform was cute hehehehe ^u^

Next butler that came to talk to us was Haru!

I like him cox conversations with him is very comfortable, like no awkwardness hahaha and he's damn awesome cox he said will feedback to have student price at AR HAHAHAHAHA but obviously it won't happen la LOL. AND HE IMITATED KIFE'S "When you see me, you see..." And since me & Sinyee watches his vlogs we obviously knew the answer was free gifts HAHAHA. He helped us to get Kife to our table so the next butler that visited our table was...


Actually when he came over I didn't know what to say to him, like kena mindblock LOL but he only stayed awhile at our table cox he was busy with the other tables. HE SAY HE PAISEH COX HE NO TIME ENTERTAIN ME HAHAHA. And I was quite surprised that he know me !! But I think I've no fate with him, join his giftaways never win, go cafe never get served by him, WORST never talk talk to him LOL. Actually got la, he say I very tall but he never see my wedges HAHAHAHA OOPS.

The last butler that came to talk to us was Jino/Takuya! (AKA THE GUY THAT CURSED ME LOL)

We was about to leave cox we finished our coffee already then suddenly he saw me and I saw him so he came over to our table and the first thing he said was "why you come already never tell me!" I was like wah boss how to tell you ah LOL.

 And the most surprising thing was that he said he read my blog and I was like ?!?!?! WTF HOW YOU KNOW MY BLOG LINK ?! Then he said we are friends on Facebook LOL. SO HELLO JINO IF YOU'RE READING THIS !! *waves*

And by far I'd the best conversation with him cox he stayed at our table for quite a long time and I felt that talking to him is more like talking to a friend instead of a butler cox he say I bastard never listen in class HAHAHAHA and we had some inside jokes about hentai and PLEASE AH I DON'T WATCH HENTAI OKAY, MY IMAGE ALMOST GONE LOL. 

Last but not least, not forgetting the one that almost made me fell off my chair...


He scared Lynn once not enough next target me LOL. He stood behind my chair and didn't say a word and Sinyee keep looking behind me and I was like what's so nice behind my back?! and I turned around I was like WTFFFFFF I ALMOST SCREAMED LOL.

He didn't talk to us but I noticed he is very good with his poses when taking photos with the Ojousama hahahaha. 

So who's my favourite butler?
I would say I'm neutral with all but if I'd to pick I will pick Kife and Jino as my favourite!

Polariods taken that day!

And here are my mameshiba loots :D

And that concludes my journey at AFA this year! :3
Had lots of fun and I'm already looking forward to AFA'14 already hahaha.

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