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Saturday, November 16, 2013

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From the title of the post, can you make a guess what are we going to do today? :D
I know it sounded like the pump it pro 2 machine that you see in the arcade where people step on the different arrows but nope, we are going to GO RUNNING TODAY !!

Your To-Bring List:
Sportswear that are comfy enough for you to move around in them
Towel to wipe off your sweat,
Phone + Music to keep that beat in you to run

Not sure for you guys but I'm someone that can't run without my music and the music that I listen to when I run is the super fast beat kind. Like you know it helps to pump energy to your heart and brain to keep me running !!



It's like so so troublesome cox the wire is so long and when it falls out the wires will just dangle freely like nobody's business and it slow down my running pace mehhhhhzxc. AND MOST IMPORTANTLY IT BREAKS MY MOMENTUM BOOHOOO.

But here comes my savior! 

The Backbeat Go 2 wireless earbuds !!

If you read my previous blogpost , you would know that the earbuds came in different sizes, so no worries that it would slipped off your ears when you're running ever again WOOHOOOOOOO. 

Did I mention it is water resistance too?!


And since it's wireless, forget about connecting it to your phone!
Just place your phone in your pocket/pouch and you're now burden-free to run :D

Interested in getting the earbuds?

1. Head on to http://epshub.com/2013/08/backbeat-go-2-bundle/?fannykwek and key in the promo code '15omyfkwek' to get a 15% off! (ORIGINAL: $199, With the offer: $169.15)
The offer is only available for a limited period of time so faster get yours now!!

2. Simply hop on to http://contests.omy.sg/plantronics-backbeat-go-2/ to win yourself a set of Backbeat go 2! 

Plantronics SEA website: http://www.plantronics.com/asia/)
Plantronics SEA FB page: https://www.facebook.com/PlantronicsSEA
Official project hashtag across FB, Twitter and Instagram: #sgBackBeatGo2

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