USS second trip!

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Went to USS with my family on Thursday and I bought the student pass with my cousin and sister cox they are currently having a promotion now: 6 months for $88 ! Imagine you go 10 times, each trip only $8.80 leh! Damn cheap LOL. But it's only valid till 30th November so it's like 5 months ? But still, it's cheap lah ! Especially if you're a themepark person !

It was my second time here so I don't really feel that excited lol. I didn't really went on alot of rides cox the queue was mad long and the weather was so damn crazy.

Just look at how hot the weather is, everyone is taking umbrella and the woman on the left is taking cover with her phamplets LOL. (I wonder if that helps)

The tickets are really cute btw!

But sadly I've to gave up my tickets to 'upgrade' it to the annual pass :( But it's worth it cox the guy serving us was really cute !! I was spazzing over him throughout the day HAHAHA #fangirlmode and he's really funny too! Best combo :D

Our first stop was Madagascar ! *cue I like to move it move it song*

We took photos with the penguins but wtf the penguins was pushing me and I've no placed to stand and there were so many peoples queuing to take photo with them and I ended up with a really horrible picture so I'm not posting it.

Here's a shot of the penguins with my mum and aunt!

If I'm not wrong this is the castle where you can watch the 4D shrek movie or something and I knew what exactly will happen and I didn't tell my mum and sister and they ended up getting sprayed by water in their face while I cover mine with a plastic bag HAHAHA. 

Cute display of gingerbread man :D


We head over to Transformers area for some food!

Interior of the cafe. Look so futuristic lol.

My Teriyaki chicken set.

It was so-so only lor, the chicken was really dry and it was so hard to chew. But I like the rice!

The set came with this soy pudding and I gave my portion to my mum cox I was really full. Apparently my cousin said it's nice cox it tasted like laoban. It smells really good though! 

Head on to my favourite ride after that !  
Can you all guess which is my favourite ?

It's the transformers ride! I super love this cox it's airconditioned LOL.
And because I love how the effect is so real and all! But I was being super noisy when I was on the ride cox I keep pretending to get hit by the gun or something and I replied to the robot when they talked   hahahaha. 

Sesame street was next !

Went on a lameass ride and we proceeded on to watch the water show!

Everything is super real ! And got hotmoh guys for girls to see leh HAHAHA. But the female lead also quite hot, figure damn good!

Last stop was the Jurassic park which I didn't went in cox I was drained out.

Some random night shots I've taken over at USS!
I think USS at night is really pretty :')

Ending off with a bareface selca! :D

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