BBQ day .

Monday, June 17, 2013

Hi guys it's 12.40am here and I'm still not asleep yet. (and I need to head back to school tomorrow for projects .___. )

Have been meeting up with my bunch of people in secondary school and I've been meeting some of them consecutively for 4 days - BBQ, shopping, gymming and all LOL . It was super fun meeting up with them because we've known each other for a pretty long time and everything was just so comfortable. I won't need to hide myself when I'm with them because you knew they wouldn't judge you, like how some people does.

Okay back to topic ! So we had a mini gathering @ ECP on Friday and I swear the weather was so damn hot I can't even, I was complaining to TC along the way while we were walking to the pit. Poor him have to tahan my whining HAHAHA.

 We were lazy to prepare the food so we ordered food from some BBQ wholesaler so we had to wait for the delivery. Most of us was whining cox we didn't had lunch (we were all eying the BBQ food) but then some of us were too hungry so we decided to had some alcohol that we bought before that.

Some cider drink which I didn't like the taste. I SUPER LOVE BREEZER THOUGH! :DDD

Then after awhile the food came!

Satays, chicken wings, garlic bread!
But the food was like so so only lah , But I really love their satays & Garlic bread, love until can cry LOL *cue dramatic music*


Cox this is the first time I didn't touch the tongs and cook food , it was the guys doing all the job so I just sit someone and wait for my food to be served hehehehe. I was quite surprised that they all good pretty well leh ! Good husband material hor you all want contact number can tweet me :D

MQ & Eugene sunshine smile while starting the fire HAHAHA.

My stomach is grumbling booohooo

I was really cui looking that day so I was in cap & fake specs lol.

I find this picture funny somehow LOL. But Jon's figure looked not bad here anyways so I shall just post it up HAHAH. And just look at my legs wtf all muscles .____.

Happy YZ & Jerrick enjoying their food :D

Like I mentioned we'd alcohol right! 
I only had a few sips of breezer and cider I'm high already wtf. My whole face and body is super hot and I just sat down and started laughing at single thing I see LOL. And I'd to lean on someone cox my head is super heavy but after awhile I'm okay already lah ! My alcohol level ah, is really cannot make it one :x

But not bad right I still know how to dodge camera when I was half-awake HAHAHA.


And thank you Jievanda for being the planner once again ! Mega love for chu!

She's a super good planner I swear! Like she co-ordinate everything until swee swee for us, much appreciated :D And some of the pics credited to her too!

And yep that's all for today! Thanks for reading xx

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