A day at ECP + pancakes !

Monday, June 10, 2013

Hi guys I'm blogging in class now cox its' Chinese literature & tbh I've never ever listened to this lecturer talk since the beginning of the sem.

I'm super duper busy with my assignments :( My everyday routine is like wake up at 6am & go school, then reach home at 7-8pm, do assignments & sleep mehz. Just next week alone I've 3 assignments to submit so pardon me for not updating that much!

ok the above part was updated during chinese lit class LOL I'm having holidays now ! :D

Went to ECP last sunday with my sister & my cousins and we went to do some exercising! Rented skates & bicycles and obviously I went on the bike cox I don't know how to skate LOL.

Random shot.

Actually I lie to you all one, I learn how to skate already okay !


Sorry I look very cui cox the wind was blowing in my face & I only have like 4-5 hours of sleep the previous night :x

I'm like super pro that I ended up with an injured knee -______-

I was trying to move towards a pillar and hug it so I can balance but ended up I kanchiong and I knocked my face on the pillar and fell on my knee mehz. I'M NEVER SKATING AGAIN >:(

Cab down to Nook's for lunch !

Retarded face with le sister on cab.

Basically it's a pancake house and you can get to draw your own pancakes !
The place is kind of ulu one and we took damn long to find the place lor! Even the cab driver also cannot find lol.

Here's the menu! 

You can picked 2 pancake flavours that comes in different colours and 3 toppings for the price of $30.90 (including GST) which I think it's not really worth it although I was super full after finishing the pancakes. (We shared it among 4 people btw) I can definitely get better food than pancakes with that amount of money. 

We picked strawberry and pandan flavor and M&Ms, fruit cocktail and oreo chunks for the toppings.

They provide free condiments like butter and maple syrup :D

And let the pancakes making begin!

At first I thought it was really easy to make the pancakes with the bottles but I was wrong ! It's like so hard for me to get the shapes correctly & I'm never good at art so... yeah LOL. And I always worry that my pancakes will get charred or something cox I couldn't estimate the right time to flip the pancake , so I ended up with really ugly BUT yummy pancakes.

My masterpiece.

Some other masterpiece by us.

I realize all the photos taken in this post are really bad due to the lightings :( And it's taken with my iphone 5 :x So I've decided to get a camera!

 I bought my new camera at the IT fair a few days back and I'll blog about it soon ! Maybe in my next post or something. 

Thanks for reading ! x

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