Review: Magic Eye Chocolate Lenses

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

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Hello everyone! I'm back with a new lens review! 

*product picture*

For those that don't want the "overly anime-ish" look, I strongly recommend you this lens because it doesn't have the black outer rim but yet retains it enlarging and color effect, which it a very natural lens for everyday look.

Added some blue tint to look like the girl on the box that store the lenses. Got look like?! LOLOLOL.

You may think that my eyes looks kind of big in the photo, but that's because I've eyeliner on. If you wear it without eyeliner, the effect will look like this:

You can see the brown clearly under sunlight! *___*

Another shot with the Magic Eye Chocolate lenses!

 I love how you can see the brown under light so clearly, and it's very suitable for everyday use due to how thin the lenses is, which means you won't feel so uncomfortable even after wearing for a long period of time.

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