Review: Double Scoops Cafe

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Once again, another ulu cafe around the HDB estate. 
I've never seen this on my instagram feed surprisingly until my sister keep on telling me about this cafe. She just keep goes on and on about the shibuya toast LOL so I decided to jio her to the cafe before I go for my work interview. 

First impression of the cafe... very simple with not much decorations except for the white bricks wall and the quote on the wall below:

Constant quote for myself lol! #whocaresaboutfats

The selection of gelatos - some unique ones are yakult, matcha kitkat, orhnee (yam) 
and thai milk tea.

A selfie while we wait for our food.

There was an one for one offer so we ordered a waffle and shibuya toast to share and the total bill adds up to about $12+ish. Waiting time was about 15 minutes.

Shibuya honey toast with a scoop of cotton candy and drizzled with honey! I LOVE THIS SO MUCH OMG I CAN EAT TEN OF THESE. I kind of prefer this compared to dazzling cafe's one (in terms of both taste and price)

Charcoal waffle with Orhnee and Thai milk tea served with valrhona white chocolate ganache sauce. 
I didn't really like the Orhnee because the taste is too strong for me and the thai milk tea was a little too bitter, but if you love flavorful authentic flavors you're going to love them. 

imho, the toast was much yummier than the charcoal waffle. The charcoal waffle is just not my thing :x The texture was good though - with a cripsy exterior and fluffy interior.

Will I go back again? Only if I happen to pass by that area, and only for that shibuya toast! 

(P/S: If you're wondering why does the ice cream looks so melted, it's because me and my sister are taking too much time to take photos LOL)

Double Scoops
Block 226A Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1 #01-627 
(About 20 minutes walk from MRT, 5-10 minutes walk after changing to a bus at AMK interchange)

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