Buck Tile St. Cafe Review

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Finally gave this cafe a visit! It took me a really long time because this cafe is really far from my house. But their blue velvet cake and waffle kept on appearing on my instafeed to tempt me T____T

A little vintage corner of the cafe filled with people's bucket list. 

They also have a shelf that sells some really unique stuff like these cards! Aren't they adorable?

Mangosteen & Pear tea ($5.90) 
What I love is the tea presentation - makes me feel like a taitai lol. The tea smells really good too!

Truffle fries ($7.90) tasted soso for me only. 

I'm a huge fan of truffle fries and if I go to a place that serve truffle fries, I will definitely order it. But sadly, it's really hard to find a place with yummy truffle fries. Most of them are like your normal fries soaked in truffle oil and with a little cheese sprinkles mehhhhz. The best truffle fries I had was at Stranger's Reunion. IT WAS SUPER DUPER NICE I CANNOT FORGET THE TASTE. You have to try it yourself! But of course the price is slightly higher than your normal truffle fries.

Ordered their signature Blue Velvet waffles ($11.90 *the price for 1 scoop of ice cream) with two scoop of ice cream - salted caramel and vanilla. 
Waffle was crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside; the blue velvet syrup tasted like heaven omg I've no idea what isit but it tasted like bubblegum/cotton candy?! And the color is so chio somemore!!!! How can anyone not like it?!

Cafe overview:

I love how the serve up really unique flavors (who has thought of blue velvet?) for their waffles and cakes and also how active they are on social media because I really hate cafes that MIA so much on their social media platform and nobody knows whether they are close for the day for some unforseen circumstances or what and make me made a wasted trip down -_____- 

The only down side of the cafe is the location. It's located in the middle of no where literally LOL. When I alighted at the bus stop, the first thing that I thought to myself is "Did I alight at the wrong stop? Who the heck open a cafe here?!" So unless you drive, it's a little troublesome to locate this cafe. 

(P/S: Don't mind my not very professional photos because I was dining with people that I ain't that close with I didn't dare to take up too much of their time to take photo, I paiseh lololol!)


Buck Tile St. Café 
104 Faber Drive Singapore 129412 
Tel: +65 65667058

Directions to Bucktile St. Café  (Taken from Danielfooddiary)
1) Alight at Clementi MRT Station and take bus 154 at the bus stop in front of Clementi Mall. 
2) Alight at The Infiniti(a condo) which is the fourth stop. 
3) Cross the overhead bridge 
4) Turn left and walk straight along the pathway 
5) Turn left into Faber Drive

· 티카 런던 · said...

The cafe looks so cute and vintage. And gosh the waffle look sooooo good!

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