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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Met up with my cousins and we were supposed to watch Vampire Academy before that but everyone EXCEPT for me was late and we didn't manage to catch the last show :( So we headed down to Strictly Pancakes cox everyone is eating it so I went to try for myself for the first time and I need to say it was wayyyyyyyyyyy too overrated lah! 

Garlic Butter Prawns ($14.00)

Tiramisu pancakes. ($12.00)

Tbh honest the pancakes wasn't THAT nice as I expected. I would rather pay $6 to eat Mcdonald's pancakes then to eat at Strictly's. And since I'm working at a pancake shop I would definitely say that my workplace's pancakes are much nicer. Not being bias or anything ah. Like every single time when I serve the pancakes to the customers I would feel like eating their food cox the pancake smells like heaven I swear. Strictly's one... I don't smell anything :x

Jasmine (my cousin) jokingly said that the potato wedges might be the yummiest thing and I was like how possible is that, ended up really is lolol.

Portion wise it's worth the money la but taste wise I would say no. But hey hey ambience wise and service wise I will rate it pretty good! Probably because there is service charge and GST ah lolol. 

I have about a week more before I head off to Japan and I was looking at some websites and I literally died of cuteness please I swear. I always say that Japanese are the most amazing people and if you don't believe me just look at this:


It's selling in Baskin Robbins Japan for Easter (Although Easter is still far away hahaha) and I'm so going to get the chick one lah omg!! You would never get to see this kind of cute ice cream in Singapore one please, Singaporeans where got the patience to do such thing ?! 

Not only the ice cream ah, all the packaging design also mega cute one.

Okay lah I shall stop spazzing but I'm really very excited cox it's the sakura period when I go there so I get to taste everything Sakura hoho. And I think I'm probably gain alot of weight looking at all these food lol.
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