It's so fluffy I'm gonna die: BATTER FLUFFY FLAPS

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Today I'm going to reveal where I work although I've revealed it on Instagram/twitter already lah! But if you don't know then I'm going to show you guys the place now!! Also gonna do a review on it so read on okay!!

Okay so my work place is a happy place filled with sheeps! And no I don't work on a farm LOL. It's BATTER FLUFFY FLAPS! Basically it's a cafe that mainly sell pancakes, sides and drinks but the star of the cafe is the pancakes! You can also come find me lah, if you want HAHAHAHA.

And you guys know why I work there or not? Cox one day I passed by the shop and I saw the sheep and I was like "eh!!! The sheep so cute I want to eat here!" then ended up I work there cox just nice they are hiring. Talking about fate ah hahaha.

So first day of work (which is my training) started and I was like super scared cox I quite awkward turtle one, and I very scared the people there unfriendly lah but omg I swear everyone there is like super duper friendly and funny! Which is a good thing lah! Clique pretty well with them :D

Then today I went to visit them at work and I wanted to troll the new guy that is coming for work lah, but then my friend said I'm super bad then I never lor, see I so nice right HAHAHA. But I don't know why he like abit scared of me ah maybe I'm too nice that's why LOL (living in my own world)

Yep so like I said my workplace is filled with sheeps right:

Super duper cute sheeps everywhere!

Ordered the bff set which is like 2 mains + 1 sides + 2 drinks! WRONG CHOICE SUPER DUPER FILLING I SWEAR. Matt (my colleague) was telling me I sure cannot finish one then I act smart go bet with him, ended up I lose the bet lol.

Aishah ordered Hot chocolate and I ordered vanilla latte!

Matt said this was supposed to be a heart but I have no idea why it looks like a leaf LOL.
But it's okay since it tasted pretty good! Matt you're forgiven (if you're reading this) HAHAHAHA.

Truffle ruffles!
It's fries with parmesan cheese if I'm not wrong! And Linda super duper nice gave me extra fries but I barely could finish them :( !!!!

Fishy flaps!

Chicken kebab!

Aishah said the pancakes was really good! Some said it's better then Macs/Strictly pancakes but I can't really decide cox I'm super not fussy with my food one, as long as can eat can already lol. You must come try for yourself then you know!

And if you're wondering who's Aishah, here she is!

Me & Aishah!

She is my bestie during sec 3-4 because we sit beside each other in class and we practically do everything together lah! Do work together, study together, eat together go toilet also together LOL. 

We were talking over lunch about our secondary school life and I realize I've never ever quarreled with her before, quite surprising! As in we do quarrel lah, but is like we will keep scolding each other then end up laughing kind. So is like the first one to laugh loses lah, quite funny hahaha! And we never angry with each overnight before also! 

And I will always nag at her to study then I will be super angry if she don't study then she have no choice but to do her work lah! Then we both will always munch on fried sweet tapioca in class during recess cox she will always bring extra for me cox she know I love it.

I really miss secondary school life now omg :(

Oh on a second note,

We both went back to Bedok View today cox it's teacher's day and we met Ms Emillia (My F&N teacher!) and I'm so so happy for her cox she's finally getting married and she invited us cox we are the first batch of F&N students she taught! Her cupcake shop is also opening soon and I'll be taking photos for the cupcakes, can't wait!!!

Ending off with a really random shot !

★ L i S A said...

why your job so cute one!! *jealous* *o*

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