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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Hello minasan ~ !

 I'm back with a new blogpost and from the post title it's pretty obvious what I'm going to blog about right ! YES IT'S ABOUT AFA 2012 ! I'm not really an anime person (tbh, the only anime I completed is Kaichou wa maid sama) cox I'm either too lazy or the anime is too long for me hahaha ! My purpose of going for AFA is actually to visit the Butler cafe which I will blog about it later on !

For this year , I dressed more of like a school girl (not exactly but yeah LOL) to AFA :

you mei you school girl de feel ? lololol. 
I specially bought my neko ears out which I got it from Daiso at $2 cox AFA is the only time you can dress so act cute style and not get judge by anyone.

The moment I went in I saw :

I couldn't resist and bought like $10 worth of food:

I don't really eat sweets but the package with "3000" written on it apparently states that it contains collagen and multivitamins...

Since it only costs $2.80 HAHAHAH .

Walked around and I went to the booth where they sell super kawaii neko ears and fluffy bunny hats. They have other designs like panda and all of them are super cute one ! But it's not cheap can lol , the ears cost $10 and the bunny hat costs $20. I've limited cash with me so I doesn't want to spend so much on things that I won't wear out but they were like calling out to me... "pick me ! pick me!" LOL . So I stood down there and think for damn long... then I decided to leave and come back again later cox I really can't decide which to get :/ 


We walked around and we saw another booth that sells EXACTLY the same thing. So one of my friends decided to ask the price of it, AND GUESS WHAT.


So I ended up getting both :D

Lesson learnt , next time before you buy anything ask prices around first lol ! #auntiestyle but who cares , it's freaking $10 okay ! 

Here's mai neko ears & bunny head ! You can't really see the bunny ears here but it's super adorbz one!
Yes I abandon my $2 daiso neko ears LOL .

Some photos of AFA for you guys !


Butlers for this year ! (Picture credit to AR fb page!)

I actually hope I could get served by Kife (the guy on the furthest right) cox he worked for AR2011 and he's very funny ! But I didn't got him :( I got the guy in suit (in the middle) but I didn't have much interactions with him though cox he only served us food and do plate drawing that's all LOL .

We get to request what design we want the butlers to draw on the plate and I requested for a cat. Uhhhhh I guess it's not too bad ! I can see him trying very hard to draw LOL . so mai hiam (don't be fussy) lah ! HAHAHA .

But I feel bad cox I was laughing throughout when he was trying to squeeze the chocolate sauce out of the bottle and his hands keep trembling. :X Being a nice Ojousama I made life easier for him by choosing strawberry sauce cox it's easier to come out of the bottle .

My friend got the cheesecake which I don't like the taste cox it's like tasteless to me :x Maybe cox my strawberry shortcake is too sweet or something lol .

This year's AR is better than last year's one cox the butlers this years have more interactions with us like they will "kneel down" beside our table and talk to us ! Last year no have such benefits leh .

Takuya (you can see his face later when you scroll down) came to talk us and omg he's goodlooking *.* And me & my friend were debating whether he was local or not. 

Me: He confirm not local one!
Lynn: No leh he sounds local to me, he got use the "lei lah lor" one lei !
Lynn: where got ! sounds local lah !

In the end I win lol .
He's a butler from Indonesia ! But he speaks pretty good english and chinese !! But got abit of 冷场when he talk to us ! I guess he's shy hahahaha. 

Later on Keigo (the red hair guy!) came and talk to us and he doesn't sound local too so I asked him "you're from Indonesia right ?" then in the end I paiseh lol cox he's from Malaysia (if I'm not wrong) . Next time cannot act smart liao !

You get to take photo with a butler of your choice when you're about to leave at the price of $5 per butler. I didn't want to take at first but my friend psycho me into doing so...

They help you to develop the photo on the spot :D
& that's me with Takuya ! jelly not ? hahahaha.

Lynn took with him too ! Then I said she betrayed Haru (the guy in suit that serve us)cox her favourite butler is him. She was squealing when we got Haru as our butler but she was disappointed cox Haru didn't talk to us ! hahahahaha so she decided to change target to Takuya. Snatch with me lei this woman ! tsktsktsk .

Photography is not allowed in the cafe so I can only take the outside of the cafe for you all LOL .

& that concludes my AFA 2012 ♥ Atelier Royale post !

See you soon & take care !
Please feel free to leave me a comment , I love to read them ! 
and apologies for not updating so frequently :<

Here's a blooper video I took during my video production class !  
Please reduce your volume first cox it's kind of loud !

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