Japan trip 2010 - Day 1 to 2

Friday, April 22, 2011

Az you know I went to Japan last year with my school and I've yet to blog about it cause I was plain lazy. And since I'm reminiscing on the photos nao, I might as well blog it!

Departing at night. Or should I say morning. We board Singapore Airline! FUCKING NICE. Everyone seemed excited about their plane ride but the moment I board, 1hr later and I'm asleep alr. LOL. During that 1 hour, I was watching "Kidnappers" and played this :

Don't laugh! Quite fun ok!

Went to Nagoya Municipal Minato Disaster Prevention Center and the theory was just zzz. - Experienced earthquake (of Richter scale 7) in the simulation room. Quite shiok ley. LOL. Then went to experience the smoke cabin. The smoke smell like Vanilla ice cream! But too much of it makes me dizzy. Plus I knock my head inside the dark room. -.- And lastly, went over to try the fire extinguisher. My aiming fail ley! Cfm cannot be firewoman next time. TC wanted to laugh at me (Cuz he mistook some one as me) but in the end he laughed at the wrong person! Damn joke!

Basic bento set for lunch and we learned how to say what to say before eating. ITADAKIMASU ! (eee-tah-dah-kee-mas)! Nomnom! OISHI NEH! Proceeded to the Aichi Prefectural Police, took the (Denshah) Electric Train, which is like our MRT. One sad thing, no aircon. :/ So I was sweating inside the train. (Thou the temperature outside was like 10 degrees or so) Arrived thr and there was a chio Japan policewoman that showed us around. The video they showed us abit kua zhang lor! LOL. Only robbery they show until as if got terrorists like that! LOL.

Went shopping after that! @ Tokyu Hands shopping centre! Don't dare to spend much there cuz I was hoping for more exciting stuffs for the last day. So I only bought 1 fluffy ribbon and 2 cute notebooks for myself. I gave one to my sis thou. I kept the Miss Bunny one! Dinner was next! Somewhat buffet-like. Checked in hotel after that!

Now photo spamming!

Experiencing the Earthquake (See the 2 hiding under the table)

Waiting for the bento to arrive...

Busy taking.

At the train station.

On the train. Like our MRT right!

Wah I tell you all! The vending machines there rocks man! Freaking loads of drinks + coca cola is CHEAPER than mineral water! Somemore the bottles also damn cute one lor!

See the mini cola bottles!

See! Coffee got so many choices also!

More vending machines.

Our dinner - Seafood pasta, baked rice, fish & chips & Bananas (?)

The one with the red bag is my bed. 
Don't judge me ok! I'm actually very neat! LOL.

Did I mention I like the toilets over there alot? I mean even the PUBLIC ones! I swear it's like super high tech! Got the wash butt thingy also!

Hotel's toilet! Got bathtub! But I dint use it. WASTED!

And shall show you all what I bring!

Anyhow dump in : Cute earmuffs, comb, beanies, camera, bottle & Hello Panda!

Stay tune for Day 3-4! ;)
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