How to get your hands on 純萃喝。chun cui he!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

So the 純萃喝。chun cui he drinks has been in Singapore for more than a month now and it's still going OOS. For those that don't know what the hype is about, it's actually milk tea and latte that originates from Taiwan that looks like a shampoo bottle.


Apparently I heard there's 10 kind of different teas and latte under their branding, but their website only show 8.

However from what I heard from my friend who studied in Taiwan, Taiwanese do not find it nice at all. SURPRISE SURPRISE. I personally tried both and I find the milk tea just normal, the latte was smooth, but both to me, not worth the hype at all. It's nice la, just not so nice to the extend that I would go crazy about it. I would love to try other flavours though, maybe it's better than the milk tea hmmmm.

In the 2nd or 3rd week, my bf managed to source it from the 7-11 at Lavender at about 1-2am. So in this post, I'm going to share with you how to get your hands on these if you haven't got the chance to try it.

1.) Target 7-11 that operates 24h as they always do their restocking between 3am - 4am

According to one of their staff at their Bedok outlet, they told me the stocks always come in between that timing and there was once I set my alarm at 4am, the staff told me they were old left with latte. The milk tea was out of stock by 4am when the stocks came at 330am. WTF RIGHT?! Within 30 minutes at such ungodly hours and still sold out -_____- 

2.) Call before you go down to the store to avoid disappointment. 

Okay so now you know they do the restocking at 3am - 4am, it's not a GUARANTEE. So to avoid it being a wasted trip of walking down and get nothing, call the store again. You can google for the 7-11 no. easily. If the stocks is not in yet, ALWAYS ASK THEM WHETHER IF THEY KNOW WHEN THE DRINKS WILL BE RESTOCKED. If you're in luck and meet nice staffs, they will tell you, but a 60% chance you will stumbled upon a grumpy staff that tell you don't know don't know don't know x100 *roll eyes*

3.) Always click in the comment section of posts related to the drinks on Facebook pages.

Go to their main Facebook page and stalk the comment session and you will see 3 kinds of people there - People complaining that they can't find any stocks, people updating where have stocks and lastly, nice people that get extra bottles and selling at original prices.

God bless people like this. (But of course, if they are selling at the original price that is)

4.) Only if you're willing to pay - Carousell or Airfrov

As usual, people are buying to resell it on Carousell at a ridiculous price of $10 each. 

Would you pay $10 for a bottle of milk tea?

You can also choose to download this app call Airfrov where you can request for your products overseas. You can also get other flavours of the milk tea/latte at about $4-$5 per bottle.

So what do you think about the Chun Cui He drinks? Leave a comment and let me know what you think!

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