End of 2014

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

*This is going to be a rather wordy post, bear with me, I’m making up for my lack of updates!! 

2014 came to an end really fast. Surprisingly, as I typed out this post, I don’t have much memories on what happened this year. This year wasn’t as overwhelming as last year, some things got better, some remained the same and some got worst.


One of the most memorable things that happened in 2014 was the Japan trip that I embarked on with my friends without my mum’s consent. She was strongly against me going overseas alone with my friends due to safety issues but I just got my friend to book the tickets without her consent lol. She was mad but she eventually gave in to it because what to do, the tickets already bought what HAHAHA.

The trip was probably the best thing that happened this year; it was like a dream come true. Harajuku, Shibuya 109, crepes, Takoyaki, cherry blossoms and Disneyland!!! Hopefully I’m returning there soon.


I went on another trip with the school to Hong Kong, which I didn’t blog about because it wasn’t that interesting. 

I didn’t take much photos with my camera because my mind was “projects, projects and projects”. The only highlight of the trip was the shopping at Argyle street (a must go if you’re visiting HK!!), they have ridiculously cheap stuffs, I bought skater skirts at like $4 - $5?!?!?! And also Disneyland!!! It was quite a funny trip cox there was a parachute ride thing and me and Angie step one brave and say “不会很高WHAT!” while we were queuing, then when we went up we were like “shit man 有怕有怕” and we kept on screaming on the ride LOL.

 HK’s Disneyland isn’t as overwhelming as Japan’s one, at least we don’t have to wait 3-4h for a ride. But the merchandise over at Japan is much more high quality I would say. AND IF YOU’RE LOOKING FOR DUFFY BEAR, PLEASE GO TO JAPAN’S DISNEYSEA AND NOT HK DISNEYLAND. 

Oh gosh I’m very agitated when it comes to this because I went to Disneyland JP and found no Duffy so I stood outside and cried wtf. Hong Kong’s Duffy is pretty limited also. 


I collected coupons from TNP and got a ticket for myself so I was planning to go and run alone until MQ told he was also going along with a few other sec school mates. THANK GOD I HAD THEM WITH ME because it was chaos over there. Can't imagine how scary it would be if I went there alone. 


This is probably the most unexpected one of all because I met Mr.L while working at Comex and he has actually accompanied me through lots of things for the past few months... And I would never forget the efforts that he made!
Too many things to thank you for, hopefully I will end 2015 with you too :) (LOL)

Now for some reflections for 2014… 

1.) I have come to realize that some people are just bad people. 

I’m a total believer that nobody is totally bad in this world. I believe that people are what they are today because of certain circumstances. But that does not give them the rights to do/say whatever you want that will hurt others and helping them can only get in further into trouble. 

I had a friend that twisted my words, making it seems like I was the one lying. I was upset because I didn’t know why he had to do that. (Probably to save his own ass) It struck me that some people are so callous that they really won’t care what happens to you. These are the people that will lie, cheat and steal in a blink of an eye, and before you can respond, you have already been destroyed. You can never help these people because they are already so hardened, so don’t try, and stay away. 

 2.) No matter how strong you (think) are, you still feel. 

I have come to realize that how weak I was emotionally, despite keeping up with the strong front that I’ve built up over the past few years. I feel deeply for everything, I get upset/hurt over the smallest thing and I can literally shed tears for anything, anywhere. Sometimes I get so upset to the point that I told myself I’m so numb that nothing can hurt me anymore. But nope, never gonna happen. As long as you’re alive, you still feel and all these negative thoughts can really kill you. As much as I portray a positive vibe, I still could not escape the torturing by such thoughts. This isn’t something that I’m proud of, because it drains me out so much. But I’m still on the process of picking up. It may be 1 month, 5 years or forever, but at least I know I’m trying.


 Enough about me, for you, whom is reading this post, this year must have many ups and downs for you too but I guess you’re still doing well and here you are (Reading my post)! *pats on back* 
Thank you to those few followers who somehow find me interesting enough to keep following my blog. 

You guys made me believe that meeting people online isn’t that impossible afterall. Sometimes, the people you met online can be as awesome as the one you met in real life. You gave me strength when I was down, you gave me motivation to keep on blogging… big virtual hugs to everyone that is here with me. 

I don’t know what this coming year has in store for me, but I'm just praying for a good year ahead.

Thanks for reading!

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