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Friday, August 8, 2014

I'm pretty sure you guys heard of the Alive Museum and if you haven't, it's a 3D original visual illusion museum from South Korea! YOU HEARD IT RIGHT YES SOUTH KOREA!! It's so popular that the Alive Museum in Jeju appeared in an episode of 'Heartstrings'. 

I was super excited when I reached there because I have seen so many people posting photos of them enjoying themselves at the museum! NOW IT'S MY TURN.

Headed down to the museum with Sinyee at around 630pm and it was pretty much empty because it was on a week day so we didn't have to queue to take pictures with the masterpieces. I would totally suggest you to go on a weekday evening to avoid the crowd. 

Super bright and colorful!!

Even the tickets are so cute too!!

The moment we enter Sinyee was very excited to see this window and she like telling me instead of posing with the cloth below to pretend we are cleaning the windows, we should just touch her boobs like this:

Conclusion: Sinyee is a pervert.

Queen of the pervert...

Even Beckham & spiderman kowtowed to her.

HAHAHAH okay I'm kidding Sinyee please don't kill me I still love you<3


Crazy one, going to fall still so happy lolol

There was this execution booth so we headed over to write our last wish:

Aiyo drowning of sweetness <3 (Stanley is her boyfriend btw)

The one below is my wish and it's gonna remain a secret HAHAHAHAHA.
This person read my blog so I have to mosaic it if not I'm doom LOL

Time for execution.

There was this place where you are suppose to go into a dark room and while your partner will sit down and the person inside the room will start drawing you. So this is how we fare LOL #failart

Probably the only time to be taller than the hoop!

This is probably the coolest masterpiece ever! We didn't know there will be strong wind when you stand there to give you the effect so Sinyee stood there and suddenly the strong wind came and her face totally cringed LOL.

Immigrating to some forest kthxbye

Sinyee fainted with her phone and specs in her hand LOL

This photo turned out blurry because I think Sinyee was busy laughing at how retarded I look like.
She keep telling me I look damn funny but I don't believe so I asked her to stand over there and...


Waiting for my Mr right :(

And last but not least, this pair of wings that everyone take photos with!

There are super lots of masterpiece for you to take photos inside and here are just some of them! You have to go down to experience it yourself :D

The Alive Museum is currently having a promotion:

All you have to do is to like their facebook page and purchase a full-priced ticket. 

For more information about the Alive Museum, you can visit their website at for the pricing and opening hours.

Thank you for inviting us down! 
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