Cafe hopping : Veganburg

Monday, June 2, 2014

You know how everyone think that fast food is junk food ?

I super love cafes (despite them burning a huge holes in my pocket) and I was googling for cafes for me to do cafe hopping and I came by Veganburg

They sell burgers, obviously LOL.
But ORGANIC burgers ?!

I'm not a huge fan of healthy food because they usually taste damn bad but I see pretty good reviews on it so I decided to give it a shot! Headed down to the Eunos Branch because it's much nearer to my house.

hen excited de wo men HAHAHAHA

I was rushing out of my house for project meeting in school and I forgot to bring my camera :x So pardon the photo quality ok! 

It was pretty empty AND THAT'S A VERY GOOD THING cox I hate crowds the most. I mean who will like to eat at a place filled with sooooo many people right! 

While waiting for our food to come!!

I ordered the Cracked pepper Mayo burger With seaweed fries and some Mango drink which I like it alot!! AND THE KEYWORD IS "Contains Omega 3 & 6, Zinc"  Sorry I'm a sucker at this kind of thing but I believe those are good for our body although I don't know what exactly do they help in lolol.

And since it's VEGANburger right, obviously it's vegeterian lah !! But their "patty" really taste like real meat leh !! Hen hao chi :D

YAY MY FOOD IS HERE. (And omg the photo quality is so bad I wanna cry)
And they serve the food in mass tins if you realized hahaha. SUPER CUTE!

Looks quite true to the picture hor? hahahaha.

 Ambience: 4/5 
Pricing: 3/5 
Location: 3/5 
Food: 4/5 

A very good place to take your OOTD too !

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