Ms Emillia's Wedding

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Hello my sweeties!
Just came back from my teacher's wedding lunch and she was so pretty today!!! Btw just in case you're wondering, the card above is part of the gift that I gave her hahaha. Super duper cute hor! Inside still got a couple on a swing one. 

I've always think that marriage is a very beautiful thing. Although some of you may beg to differ as life after marriage is another issue. But I'm referring to THAT VERY MOMENT. You know that moment you say "I do",  that moment you put on the ring, that moment you walk into the ballroom and all the eyes & cameras are on you... It's a very beautiful thing isn't it? 

Okay I shall not be longwinded,
Gonna get straight to the point!
I present you...

Photo taken from her wedding album!
Super duper pretty omg <3 

Ms Emillia is my F&N teacher in secondary school and I was super duper happy cox she finally got married !! The whole class is like waiting for this day for super long already and FINALLY IT'S HERE. Not sure if I'm too excited or what, I woke up at 8am today just to prepare for her wedding LOL. 

Met up with Aishah, Wiratha & Hanson before heading down to the hotel! The wedding was held at Hotel Re! and the hotel look quite nice to me, because the theme of the hotel is Pink I guess? The wallpaper and all is pink one lol.

The whole ballroom is decorated with pastel blue curtains and ribbons! 

A very artistic shot taken by Wiratha.
Just in case you're wondering why is there HABBO on the screen, it's cox Ms Emillia met her husband on Habbo Hotel! I also got play leh, but why I never meet my Mr.right there ah, not fair lol.

Okay moving on to the food. I didn't expect the buffet to have such a wide variety of food! And they all tasted pretty good!! I ate quite alot (since Ms emillia tell me to do so) HAHAHA wo jiu bu ke qi le.

Lots & lots of food!

And this is our first round of dessert :x

After our first round of food the bride & groom came in !!

This is the only photo I manage to get for the first set of clothes :( Cox I didn't get my camera ready in time sigh.

For the second outfit I smart already, I use video one lol. 

Now heading on to some selfies !!

With Aishah!

Random shot taken by Aishah which I think is quite nice lol.
 Look at my phone suspended in mid air HAHAHAHA.
And no idea why is Wiratha so happy, smile until so wide.
And there's hanson trying to act cute with his tongue sticking out LOL.

And here's a group shot of our F&N class!

A shot with Ms Emillia & her husband :D

Some of the pretty wedding photos!

Ending off with a thumbup (Credit to hanson the hand & wiratha the photographer)

Mega love the pictures in this post cox it's filled with happiness!!!!! 
Congratulations once again Ms Emilla! 

That's all for my entry, see you guys soon! 
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